Sliders Kevlar Escape Leather Gloves with Kevlar

A quality leather motorcycle glove with a sweet price,  the Sliders Escape Leather Gloves are here to keep your hands protected and comfortable from a trusted brand.  What you don’t see on many gloves in the Escape’s price range is these bad boys have Genuine DuPont Kevlar in the palm for added abrasion protection.  The Escape is constructed of premium cowhide leather with a mid-length gauntlet.  Decked out with a knuckle mold and rubber molds on the fingers & thumb,  Sliders has done a great job to add some protection to an affordable glove with a quality look and feel.  For superior comfort,  these gloves have external finger stitching,   so no more discomfort from internal stitching digging into your finger tips.

Check out the video review of the Sliders Escape Gloves below!  If you have any questions about these gloves,  leave us a comment.

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