Shadow Air Mesh Gloves with a Sweet Price Tag

Shadow Air Mesh Gloves are light weight mesh motorcycle gloves ready to tackle the summer heat.  If you are looking for a budget friendly mesh motorcycle glove,  the Shadow Air Mesh gives you padded knuckle protection and reflective piping for added safety.  With embossed traction webbing on the palm and finger tips,  you gain maximum control and feel.  The Air Mesh Gloves are available from size small to 2 X-Large and have a black or silver option.  The price would be hard to beat on a similar glove,  but no need to take my word for it,  just check it out.

If you have any questions about the Shadow Air Mesh Gloves,  Shadow or any motorcycle accessories then let us know.  We are hear to help.  Drop us a line or leave us a comment on your video review.  If you have ever worn the Shadow Air Mesh Gloves,  your comments and suggestions help your fellow riders.  Check out the Video Review of the Shadow Air Mesh Gloves!


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