Sliders Coastal Kevlar Gloves Can Handle the Cold

Sliders Coastal Leather Gloves have Genuine DuPont Kevlar reinforcement in the palm to keep your hands protected from abrasion.  It’s hard to find a quality waterproof motorcycle gloves even without Kevlar anywhere near the price of the Sliders Coastal.  Their waterproofing is constructed from the dependable Hypora Material which is waterproof and breathable.  Along with the Waterproofing,  Sliders Coastal Leather Gloves use 3M Insulate to help keep your hands warm in colder weather.  These are a  nice winter glove,  meant to be worn on cold and wet days.

The Coastal Gloves are comfortable and made with a quality lining.  The lining does cause the glove to fit a bit snug and it is recommended to order a size up and going the size up seems to work well with the majority of Coastal owners.

These comfortable gloves are held securely to your hand with a nice secure wrist strap.  Your hands are protected with padding on the back of the hand and fingers,  along with the wrist area.

Overall,  these are a very pair of waterproof winter gloves that are finely made and durable.  The Sliders Coastal Gloves use additional leather over the high wear areas to help your gloves hold up for many riding seasons.  At an extremely low price,  made with quality materials,  it is hard to go wrong with the Sliders Coastal Leather Gloves.  If you have any questions about Sliders or the Coastal Leather Gloves,  drop us a line.  For an in-depth video review of these gloves,  check out the video below!

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