Motorcycle Boots with a Vintage Tennis Shoe Styling – the TCX X-Street Shoes for Men & Women

Do you like that old school tennis shoe look but want some protection when riding? Then the TCX X-Street Shoes are probably going to be something you’ll like. Vintage styling with protection built in, made for both men and women, plus they’re available in a waterproof version. You can’t get better than that.








Both styles of these motorcycle boots are basically the same, the main difference being whether you decide you want the waterproof boots or not. All are constructed of a breathable full grain leather except for one color of the TCX X-Street Shoes, the Dark Blue Denim version. This mens shoe also comes in White or Blue (which are both leather) and is not in the waterproof line. For the ladies, the TCX X-Street Womens Shoes comes in a light grey color with a subtle pink trim. The non-waterproof shoes have an Air-Tech breathable liner to keep your feet cool on those warmer riding days.








For your protection, all of these motorcycle shoes have molded CE certified ankle guards, reinforced toes and heel counters to keep your feet safe all the way around. Lacing up the front keeps them snug and there is a gusset inside, around the tongue area, on the TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes to help keep the water out if you happen to get caught in the rain. For the men, the waterproof shoes come in a Black Leather or a Distressed Blue Leather, while the TCX X-Street Waterproof Womens Shoes come in a Dark Grey brushed vintage leather with a pink trim.

X-street-WP black-mensX-street-WP-blue-mens


These old school shoes are also comfy to wear all the time, with their replaceable, comfortable formed insole and their durable rubber outer sole that has that cool distressed look to it. For extra comfort for the ladies, TCX Boots uses their unique Womens Fitting Concept in the design of their female insoles. Specifically shaped to fit a ladies foot, they will feel great all day long, whether riding or walking around.


So if you’re tired of motorcycle boots being too heavy or bulky, especially in a waterproof style, these TCX Riding Shoes might be just the ticket for you. Stylish, classic, comfortable and protective, we think they are worth trying. A few customers have already written great reviews about them on our web site so check out what they have to say and watch our video review below to get a insiders look. If you have any questions after checking them out, feel free to ask, we’re happy to help.

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