Tourmaster Offers a Variety of Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Depending on what type of leather you prefer, Tourmaster has a wide variety that suit your needs. Offering Deerskin, Goatskin and Cowhide, you can choose what you want for your motorcycle riding days.

Lets take a look at the classically styled Tourmaster Deerskin Leather Gloves first. If you’ve ever had a chance to wear deerskin gloves you know they are extremely soft and comfortable, even if wet. These have been constructed of top quality aniline dyed deerskin with out-seam stitching which adds to your comfort. With perforated fingers for a little air flow, padding on the knuckles for protection and padded area’s on the palms for fatigue reduction, you should be able to ride all day in these motorcycle gloves. Available in black or tan, in several sizes, with an elastic wrist and velcro closure, we’re sure you can find the perfect fit for you.



If you’re looking for something in a goatskin leather then take a look at the Tourmaster Summer Elite 2 Gloves. Soft like the deerskin gloves, they are made of supple goatskin with a perforated backhand and Lycra between the fingers, that will be super comfortable. They have EVA foam padding in the palms and on the knuckles to give you some impact protection, while the leather will provide you with abrasion resistance. Pre-curved, with reinforced thumb and index finger panels, you will be able to get a good grip with these great summer riding gloves.



Of course, if you prefer the basic cowhide or you just don’t care what kind of leather is in your gloves then the Tourmaster Custom Midweight Leather Gloves might be the better choice for you. Made to be slightly warmer than the Summer Elite 2 Gloves, they are a traditional styled basic glove with a fleece lining to give you a little warmth. Soft, cowhide black leather with double padding in the palms, pre-curved fingers and a built in throttle guard give you pretty much all you need for your next ride.


These are just a few of the motorcycle leather gloves we have available  so check them all out on our site. We’re sure to have something that suits your personality, whether it comes in goatskin, deerskin or just your basic cowhide!


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