Knox Handroid Gloves are the Ultimate Track Glove

Bringing back thoughts from the early 90s during the Arnold and Terminator era,  splashed with a Transformers futuristic design,  the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves are pretty badass sweet.



For protection the Handroid features live exoskeleton protection,  Knox’s Sport Styled Scaphoid Protection System,  Knox Wrist Slider and the Knox Cuff Slider.

For comfort and fit the Handroid is engineered with a “Dialed In” BOA Lacing System for a superior feel.  Knox has also constructed these gloves with a soft Kangaroo Leather Palm.



Live Exoskeleton Protection
The Knox Handroid Gloves have an appealing look that you won’t find in many,  if any,  motorcycle gloves.  Featuring a live exoskeleton that protects the back side of the hand,  fingers and knuckles.  This exoskeleton creates a unique design that is surprisingly comfortable and will protect your hands with the best of ’em.  This design allows you to have the ultimate abrasion protection on the back of your hand,  all-the-while allowing your hand to remain flexible,  which makes them a great option for the track.  If you are like me and reading is a painful task,  jump down to the bottom and check out our video review of the Knox Handroid Gloves where Reuben breaks them down for you.
To keep the back of your hand from taking crushing abuse in the event that your fluttering rag doll body meets the pavement,  the over-sized knuckle protector that houses part of the exoskeleton is there to prevent further injury.  That’s not to scare you,  that’s how it is.  The positive to this is that unlike most gloves that cover only the knuckles on the back of your hand,  with the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves you receive ultimate protection that provides you a solid amount of armor.

Knox Sport styled Scaphoid Protection System
The Handroid uses the Knox Scaphoid Protection System to gaurd the Scaphoid bone– one of the small bones in your wrist behind your thumb. The Scaphoid Protection System is a slider placed on the heel of your palm.  This promotes your hand to slide across the pavement,  rather than having the leather grip the pavement and roll your wrist.

Knox Wrist Slider & Knox Cuff Slider

Continuing the protection of the Handroid are the Knox Wrist Slider and the Knox Cuff Sliders.  Ultimately,  this keeps your wrists safe from impact / abrasion on the sides and from abrasion underneath your wrist.  Honestly,  I don’t know which one is considered the wrist slider and which is the cuff slider,  but I’d imagine the cuff sliders are on the side and the wrist slider is covering the wrist strap under the wrist.  Either way,  good protection with good coverage.



HandroidBOABOA Lacing System
The BOA Lacing System allows for precision adjustment around the cuff to give you a secure and great fit.  You turn the dial to tighten (pull to release)  the glove in a comfortable unified fashion,  but this also makes putting on and taking off the gloves an easy task.  The BOA system can be found on some nice quality boots like HMK and AXO.  Other than Knox,  I’m not sure of any other motorcycle gloves on the market that use the BOA Lacing System.
Also,  for comfort and protection,  the Handroid is constructed of a Kangaroo Leather palm which creates durability with a soft comfortable composition.  The rest of the glove is made from High Quality Drum Dried Japanese Race Aniline Leather that is super durable and does a great job of protecting against abrasion.

Overall,  the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves will provide you superior protection that was engineered for the track.  These are one of those motorcycle gloves that are just constructed very well,  and there really isn’t anything negative to say about them.  However,  with quality you are looking at a retail price around $270,  but well worth the investment if you hammer the track with consistency and you want the best.  If you have any questions about the Handroid Glove,  let us know.  We are here to help.  Check out the video review of the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves below!

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