From a Roll Bag to the King Tourer, Nelson Rigg Luggage Has You Covered

Some people love to take long trips on there motorcycles and I’m one of those people. I need better luggage and this line of Nelson Rigg Luggage pretty much covers the gamut of all sizes and shapes, so I’m sure we can all find what we need for our next adventure.

ctb-250-rollLets work through these pieces by size and storage capacity, as that seems to be one of the biggest factors when deciding on what motorcycle luggage you need. First on the list is the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-250 Deluxe Roll Bag which measures 9″ in diameter by 13″ long and is expandable by 5″ in length for more storage. It holds 17.26 liters or expands to hold 26.55 liters so it offers a good amount of space in a smaller sized bag.  There are additional side pockets, reflective material for visibility and a carrying strap for when it’s not on the bike. Easy to mount on your seat or a luggage rack, this roll bag also is compatible and simple to attach to the Solo Tourer or the Dayrunner Bag.



For a bag  that is more like a traditional luggage piece, check out the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-455 Dayrider Touring Luggage. With an large, easy to load, zippered compartment, a office organizer pocket and two outer pockets you can use this bag for daily commuting or a bike trip. Also expandable by 3″ in width, the original dimensions are 12.5″ long by 6.5″ wide by 18″ tall, holding 23.97 or 35.03 liters of essentials. A bonus feature on this and a few of the other bags are the detachable backpack straps which make it easy to haul it around when you get to your destination.



Stepping up to the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-650 Solo Tourer will give you a few more inches of storage. Coming in at 14″ long by 7″ wide (expanding to 11″ wide) by 18″ tall, with either 28.91 or 45.43 liters of space, you should definitely be able to get in a good weekend away with this travel piece. With external buckles to attach the CTB-250 Roll Bag, you can even extend your trip for a few days. A security loop underneath allows you to attach a cable lock and the Full Nelson mounting system makes it easy to attach the Solo Tourer to your bike.




Although not expandable, holding 33.63 liters and with a main compartment that measures 12″ long by 9″ wide by 19″ tall, the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-350 Dayrunner Touring Luggage can certainly get the job done. Four outer pockets give you bonus space and this bag comes with a waterproof cover as well as a security lock. Plus it is also compatible with the CTB-250 Roll Bag, so you can customize the amount of space you need.




If you prefer more of a duffel styled bag that still is large enough for a long trip then the Nelson Rigg GWR-1000 Rear Rack Pak Luggage is perfect for you. The semi-rigid construction of the ballistic poly helps it hold its shape and is durable enough to take a beating. Several extra pockets give you plenty of space and metal D-rings allow you to tie additional items to this motorcycle luggage piece.




And now for the big dog of this line of luggage! Measuring in at 14″ long by 8″ wide (expandable to 10″ wide) by 18″ tall, holding 33.04 or 41.30 liters of your favorite motorcycle gear, the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-950 King Tourer is great for those true long adventures. But that’s not all, the King Tourer comes with a the Roll Bag, which gives you up to an additional 26.55 liters of traveling space! They can be used together or separately on your bike, so you get a 3-in-1 deal with this choice. Both are easy to mount and simple to tote around when you get to your destination, so you should be all set for those week, or two, or three, long motorcycle trips!




As you can see there’s a wide variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from in this Nelson Rigg Luggage line. A few things that all these bags have in common is that they are all made of a top quality, UV-Treated, Tri-Max ballistic nylon which makes them durable for all travels. They all attach to your bike using their unique “Full Nelson” mounting system and have lined interiors, with reinforced walls, to help keep their shape. Heavy duty zippers with pull fobs, a rubberized easy grip handle, extra pockets and a “No Hassle” warranty top off the great features in all these bags. Some come with a rain cover but if the one you choose doesn’t, a universal Nelson Rigg CTB Luggage Rain Cover should do the trick.

Go to our website to get the full details of each bag and to see what else we might have for your motorcycle gear needs. If you have any questions, just let us know. We’d love to help you prepare for your next epic motorcycle adventure.


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