Nelson Rigg Motorcycle Covers to Protect Your Favorite Toy

Whether you have inside or outside storage for your motorcycle, a cover is a great way to keep it protected from the elements and Nelson Rigg  has some great options to choose from.


If you store your bike inside then a lightweight cover might be all you need. The Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover comes in four great colors, as well as four sizes to fit almost any bike. Constructed of a UV-treated Tri-Max polyester that is water resistant, it also has a windshield liner to protect from scratches. With a ventilation system, heat resistant lower panels and an elastic bottom it will keep your bike safe from dust bunnies.



If you want something that is waterproof and just a little tougher, then you can choose either the Nelson Rigg Falcon Defender 400 Bike Cover, which is available in Black, or the Nelson Rigg Falcon Defender 500 Motorcycle Cover, which comes in Grey.

defender-500-grey Both are constructed of the same Tri-Max UV-treated poly material, with heat sealed seams, which makes them completely waterproof. With a windshield liner, plus the “Perma-Venting” system to prevent condensation and allow for good air flow, you motorcycle will keep dry and safe from the elements. Heat resistant panels along the bottom, along with snug elastic and grommets to keep the motorcycle cover on, you can rest assured your favorite toy is okay when stored away.

defender-2000The Nelson Rigg Falcon Defender 2000 Cover is the top dog of this line of bike covers. It contains all the same features as the other three but is made of a more durable full strength Tri-Max poly to give you better protection against the harsher elements.

All these covers come with a “No Hassle” warranty, a carrying bag and are made in various sizes to fit most motorcycles, so the choice is up to you as to which fits what you need to cover up your favorite ride. If these don’t seem to be what you’re looking for, we have plenty of motorcycle covers to choose from on our site so hop on over and check them all out. And if you have any questions or comments, please let us know, we’re here to help!


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