The Vega Summit 3.0 Modular Helmet with Optional Bluetooth for Motorcycle or Snowmobile Use

If you’re looking for a modular motorcycle helmet that has great versatility and is affordable, then look no further. The Vega Summit 3.0 Helmets can be purchased with or without the Bluetooth included and either style can be easily converted to a snowmobile helmet so you can use it year around.  If you’re not sure you want the bluetooth version right now, no worries, you can always upgrade the basic Vega Summit 3.0 Solid Helmet by adding the communication system later, if you change your mind.

Meeting stringent European and US DOT standards, these helmets are all very protective and with the forehead, cheek, chin and rear vents, plus a washable Coolmax liner you will stay comfortable as well. The removable liners are interchangeable, within the two shell sizes that are available, for a precise fit. Available in solid Honda match colors as well as the Vega Summit 3.0 Hi-Viz Yellow and the Vega Summit 3.0 Flat Black, you get to pick what matches your motorcycle and personality.

These motorcycle helmets all come with the cool internal drop down visor that takes away the need for sunglasses in your helmet and have a six position, scratch resistant, optically correct clear outer shield to give you full face protection as well.






Vega Series B Full Face Replacement Shields offer a wide variety of outer shields so you can get the color or tint you want and when it’s time to jump on your snowmobile check out the Vega Electric Dual Lens Snow Shield Package so you can convert your helmet to winter use.

summit-3.0If you need to be able to talk to your passenger or fellow riders then the Vega Summit 3.0 V-Com Bluetooth Solid Helmet, in multiple colorways has what you need. The V-Com Bluetooth System supports wireless connection to bluetooth enabled cellphones, MP3 players, GPS units or other devices. It uses Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced data rate and is compatible with both 1.1 or 1.2 and either A2DP or AVRCP. With a long lasting lithium-ion battery you will be able to talk to your friends during your entire ride.summit-3.0-flat-black

Additional colors now available are the Vega Summit 3.0 V-Com Bluetooth Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet so you can be very visible or the Vega Summit 3.0 V-Com Bluetooth Flat Black Helmet  for that subdued look, along with the Honda colors, so you can choose what fits you best.

As you can see this modular helmet is very versatile. Go basic, then add communication and/or convert it to winter use or if are in the market for V-Com, then go ahead and get the version that comes with it, which still has the ability to be converted for riding your sled.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of the Bluetooth system with these helmets or about converting them to use for snowmobile riding, please feel free to call in and ask or leave us a comment here. We are always happy to help you figure out what will work for you and all your rides.

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