Vega X-280 – Affordable Helmets for the Whole Family

Well here you have it, an inexpensive open face styled helmet for all of your family members. The Vega X-280 Helmet for the adults in your family and the Vega X-280 Jr Solid Youth Helmets for all your kids who enjoy riding too.

This motorcycle helmet is constructed with an advanced thermoplastic outer shell, which is available in 2 sizes for adults and 3 sizes for kids and is DOT approved. With adjustable forehead vents to give you some airflow and a soft super-absorbent Wick Dri liner, you will stay comfortable in your Vega X-280 Helmet throughout your ride.

With the included 3-snap shorty visor you will get some shielding from the bright sun and if you prefer there are two other shield options available,  a 5-snap flat or a 3-snap flip shield. Available in seven solid colors plus camouflage for adults and four colors for kids, in the Vega X-280 Jr Helmets, everyone can get the color they like.

So pick up a few of these or check out all the other Vega Helmets available, so you can get your whole family outfitted for all your riding adventures. And if you have any questions feel free to ask, we’re here to help find you the right helmet for you and your family!

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