Womens Summer Mesh Gloves – Tourmaster Airflow

Ladies if you’re looking for a basic pair of mesh motorcycle gloves to wear while riding this summer, look no further. The Tourmaster Airflow Womens Gloves are just what you need to add to your motorcycle gear collection.


Available in four great colors…Black, Silver, Light Blue and Pink…these affordable mesh motorcycle gloves are breathable and comfortable. The palm is ergonomically correct to give you a great grip and is made of Amara, which is a soft suede like material. With an Armor-Link mesh panel on top and strategically placed in between the fingers you will get maximum ventilation to keep your hands cool. The Tourmaster Airflow Womens Gloves are equipped with foam padding across the knuckles that will give you some protection, which hopefully you won’t need and the cuffs are flexible neoprene with a velcro closure so you can snug them tight on your wrists.



Check out our full line of womens motorcycle gloves on our site today to make sure you’re prepared for warm weather riding. If you have a question about these Tourmaster Gloves, which are also available for men, leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you out.

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