Speed & Strength’s ‘Top Dead Center’ Hits the Mark!









The Top Dead Center gear from Speed & Strength has a sleek, sporty look, great for those of you who like subtle styling, that looks great, but isn’t too flashy. This graphic has been incorporated in the SS700 helmet, with matching Top Dead Center Jacket and Top Dead Center Gloves. We already had a chance to review the helmet, but take a look at the rest of this awesome gear set.



Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Jacket

The Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Jacket has an asymmetrical colorway, giving it a unique look that is sure to set you apart from other riders. The jacket has been decorated with high quality TPR logos, and an embellished racing stripe down the center back that coordinates with the helmet. Not only does the Top Dead Center Jacket look great, but it also has top notch comfort and convenience features. The jacket has been constructed with a water resistant AR-600 Frame to protect you during light showers and mild inclement weather. For safety, there are removable, Vault CE approved shoulder & elbow protectors; as well as a Vault CE approved Spine Protector. The Speed Zip Controlled Ventilation System consists of bicep vents, and rear exhaust vents for great air circulation. For a personalized fit, the Top Dead Center Jacket has lock-down waist adjusters, as well as molded ‘strong arm’ sleeve adjusters. Both options can be fine-tuned to your body type and comfort level. As a convenience, there are belt loops for optional pant attachment, and reflective trim for increased nighttime visibility.

Front View
Rear View
Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Mesh Gloves

The Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Gloves feature the same asymmetrical design as the jacket with three fingers painted in the color of your choice, and a bold white stripe that extends down the top of the index finger. The TPR knuckle protector is also a stylish speed and strength logo. Some other subtle graphics have been printed on the top of the fingers and back of the hand as well. Aside from the knuckle protector, the reinforced palm also provides additional protection. These gloves have a pre-curved race cut for optimum comfort, and a secure hook and loop wrist closure.


Each of these pieces of gear look great separately, but you can’t deny that altogether, the combination of the Top Dead Center helmet, jacket, and gloves make one killer gear set with no shortage of style and functionality. Ladies! Be sure to check out the women’s version of the ‘Top Dead Center’ graphic, the Speed & Strength Throttle Body Jacket, and Throttle Body Gloves. To learn more about the Speed and Strength Top Dead Center gear, Check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

Motorcycle Adventure Dry Bags by Nelson Rigg

Whether you’re taking an adventure on some type of motorcycle or on an ATV or by boat, the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Bags are versatile enough for any travel where you may encounter wet conditions.

adventure-dry-bags-blogI’ve traveled with compression bags on my bike and it’s great to know that if you get caught in the rain you’ll have a dry set of clothes when you finally get out of the rain. Completely waterproof due to the electronically heat welded seams and durable Tarpaulin PVC material, you will have peace of mind when the skies open up. The compression straps make it easy to squeeze any extra air out of the bags and the air tight roll closure ensures that no water enters after they are strapped down.




Depending on what type of travel you are doing and how much motorcycle gear you need to take with you, there are two styles to choose from. The Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Saddle Bags are easy to mount to each side of your bike with the heavy duty top straps, quick release buckles & strong D-rings and they hold 27.53 liters per bag. If you need more or less storage space for your gear, then check out the two sizes of the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Bags, which hold 39.33 liters (medium) or 71.59 liters (large). This bag, which quickly mounts along or across the back seat or fender of your bike, also includes a detachable shoulder strap so you can tote it around when you get to your destination.




So whether you need a bag that will endure any adventure or you’re specifically looking for waterproof bags, the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Saddlebags are worth a look. If you are unsure or have questions, let us know, we’d be happy to help.

Vega Matrix Boots for Men & Women

Whether you’re riding long distance or just out for a short jaunt, the Vega Matrix Boots are a lightweight cool looking boot, that are available for both men and women.  This sporty styled motorcycle boot has been constructed of vented leather uppers with a sturdy rubber out sole for durability, while padding in the ankle, collar & tongue give you the comfort you need.

matrix-blogThe Vega Matrix Womens Boots are made specifically to fit a women so you don’t feel like you’re trudging around in a guys boot and offer a molded shift guard to give you long lasting wear & tear on the toe area. Shoelaces give you a precise fit but don’t worry about them getting in the way as they are fully covered by a velcro flap which holds them in and gives these leather motorcycle boot a nice clean look. To top off this fashion side of these motorcycle boots, the stitching is contrasting and they have a simple logo that adds a splash of color.

matrix-side-blogSo if you are in need or just want some new riding boots to add to your motorcycle gear collection, then check out the Matrix Boots and all the other great Vega Boots available on our website today.

A Fleece Jacket that’s Waterproof? Yep! Check out the Vega Meridian Fleece Jacket for Men & Women

Fleece jackets are a staple in life for most people. We have a closet full in multiple colors because they are just so versatile for everyday wear and now you can get one that’s waterproof! The Vega Meridian Fleece Jacket is available for both men & women but have different cuts so you ladies can get that feminine style you like.

Meridian-Mens-frontmeridian-fleece-men-back-for-blogSo we know it’s waterproof but what other features does this riding jacket have? Well, the triple ply fabric is lightweight, warm and windproof, which we know are all great attributes for those slightly breezy riding days. Plus it can be worn alone or as a liner with any other Vega Technical Gear Jacket, so the versatility is great.

With reflective piping strategically placed on both the front and back, you will be seen by headlights if it happens to be dark or rainy out and the drawstring hip cord along with knitted cuffs will give you a precise fit.

Meridian-womens-front meridian-fleece-wmns-back-blogThere are pockets to stash all your stuff and the Vega Meridian Fleece Mens Jacket has a bonus chest pocket to keep your cell phone close by. And as mentioned, the Vega Meridian Fleece Womens Jacket has a feminine princess cut to give it some added style while the mens has a basic straight yoke cut.

At a very affordable price, compared to other waterproof fleece jackets on the market, there’s no reason not to add this to your motorcycle gear collection. If you’re looking for a different type of motorcycle jacket then check out all we have to offer on our website today, as we have lots to choose from, for both men & women.


Motorcycle/Snowmobile Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets by Vega

If you have kids who love outdoor motorsports then we have an affordable, safe, versatile and stylish helmet that you need to check out. The Vega Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets are available with a street shield for riding motorcycles and also have two options for snowmobile riding. So you can buy one helmet with a variety of shields to cover all the riding your kids want to do!

Lets cover the basics of this youth helmet first so you can see how you can keep your kids protected. Constructed with a thermoplastic shell that has been created for riders with smaller head sizes, these helmets all meet or exceed the US DOT standard FMVSS218. The interior liners have been designed to fit into any of the helmets so they will give you a precise fit for added safety. Made of a 100% Wick Dri material, the interchangeable liners are comfy and will keep their heads dry. And for maximum air flow all the helmets have vents strategically placed in the chin, cheek, forehead and back to keep them cool if it gets warm out. Continue reading Motorcycle/Snowmobile Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets by Vega