Womens Tourmaster Solution Waterproof Air Boots

Ladies we know keeping your feet dry while riding is essential, so let me introduce you to a pair of boots that will help in nasty weather. The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Womens Boots are constructed of water resistant leather with a Hi-Pora waterproof air membrane, which lets warm air out but doesn’t let water in.

With molded nylon shin and ankle guards plus a TecnoGI® Thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap you will get protection while out riding. To keep you comfy there are leather stretch panels, along with shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels to give you flexibility whether walking or riding. A preformed orthopedic foot bed which absorbs vibration is located inside the Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots, while the bottom sole is made of a VR single density compound so you won’t slip.

solution-wp-air-boots-wos-blogReflective materials strategically placed along the back allow for greater visibility, while a TPU shift pad protects from wear and tear on the toe.  And to help keep the water out, the zipper is covered with an adjustable velcro flap on the inside edge of the boot. solution-wp-air-boots-wos-sole-blog

So if you are looking for a great waterproof boot for your riding days, be sure to check out this or the other Tourmaster Boots on our website. If you have any questions about any of our motorcycle gear please feel free to leave us a comment.

Richa Spirit Jacket and Pants : The Ultimate Duo

          Richa Motorcycle Gear       Richa Spirit Pants Black Front, without Richa Spirit Jacket

Richa engineers high quality motorcycle gear using super materials that many people may not even know exists.  They are a Belgian brand that looks to dominate  (continue dominating)  the European market with their fascination of technology and innovation.  Constantly searching for new-age materials to set them self apart from other brands has Richa constantly utilizing the best materials in the world to produce some of the finest motorcycle gear that money can buy.

Richa has been around for a long time.  A very long time.  They have been selling motorcycle gloves and motorcycle gear in Europe for more years than I can count.  Recently,  Richa decided they would attempt to gain the attention of our stubborn American ways and traditions by bringing the brand to America.  They have good stuff.  That’s for sure.  But I know how hard it is for some of us to let go of the brands we have supported all our life,  but take a look at what the Richa Spirit Pants and Richa Spirit Jacket have to offer your days on two wheels.

I believe Richa has been for sale in the U.S. since 2011.  By no means are they just another company looking to sell more cheap motorcycle accessories that’s geared towards the budgeted rider.  When I say these are Top-of-the-Line,  I mean they are The Top of the Line.  Richa in Europe is like Klim in America.  You are going to get what you pay for,  which is a high quality product.  You will get the best and most sophisticated materials around.  And you will need to fork over a good bit of money to put Richa on your back.  The Richa Spirit Jacket has a list price tucked in just under $700 and a list price floating around $580 for the pants.  If you have stuck around,  you get to opportunity to see what sets Richa apart from the $200-300 price range.

Both the jacket and the pants are made with materials described in context that makes them seem alive.  Put it this way,  these Spirit Jackets and Pants do not have any vents.  None.  Nada.  Ninguno.  Aucun.  Not-uh-one.  Yet,  Richa claims that this is 4-season gear with the material used,  c_change,  because it works like a fir cone by how it reacts to temperature and weather.  Oh,  and,  a fir cone is a basically the typical pine cone,  but they grow upright rather than downward like the typical conifer tree.  Yea,  I had to look it up–  saving you and I both the confusion.  So,  this c_change membrane should react to temperature, air and body moisture to adjust the structure of the material.  Thus it should work somewhat like a venting system.  I can tell you this,  I have not put the jacket to the test in the outdoors,  but just standing inside and wearing the jacket didn’t have me pouring in sweat like most jackets.  I get hot very easy.  The Richa Spirit Jacket was comfortable for me indoors.  Now on a bike,  I imagine the vents would be missed.  But, without the vents that most jackets have,  it is less likely that the cold wet rain would meet your skin in those not so fun riding conditions.  A little warm and dry,  or a little cold and wet?  That’s a preference I can’t make for you.

With Richa explaining that the Richa Spirit Jackets and Pants are 4-season motorcycle gear,  I must say that I think it depends.  It depends on your location and the type of weather you go through on a daily basis.  Someone in Seattle may really appreciate this gear,  while someone in Miami may look for more of a mesh material to cover their back. Now,  the Richa Spirit Jacket does have a light inner liner that is worn like a light jacket / sweater.  It loves sharp and is extremely comfortable.

There is no question about the waterproofing and durability of the jacket or pants.  They are both treated with Nanosphere,  making them repel oils,  water,  dirt,  mud,  food,  coffee,  etc.  You get the point.  Nanosphere is one of the most amazing materials I have seen.  It’s made by Shoeller,  who have some of the most innovative textiles you can find on the market.  I guess because I seem to spill on & stain everything I wear that I was excited to learn of Nanosphere.  The first video is a little slow and for some reason I found it amusing  (besides the point), but you will get an idea of how awesome this material is.

Pretty crazy,  huh?  So,  what is the downfall of a quality jacket without vents?  Honestly,  it will probably be a bit warm during the summer months,  but should make for a great cold and wet jacket.  For you touring and adventure guys,  the Richa Spirit Jackets and Richa Spirit Pants would make a great choice.  They have quality CE protection,  a good amount of storage, own and good feel, and have reflective patches that are said to be extremely visible.  The inner liner of the jacket is just icing on the cake.

I could go on for days discussing the many different qualities of the Richa Spirit gear,  which may not be the most thrilling information to read for everyone,  so,  check out our video review of the jacket and pants.  Reuben breaks them down and gives you an in detail breakdown of the Richa Spirit Jacket and Pants.  If you have any question about Richa,  the Spirit line,  or anything,  then leave us a comment and we will get back to you before you know it.  We enjoy answering your questions.

The Tourmaster Transition 3 Jacket for Women

Whether you are looking for a motorcycle jacket for everyday riding or for long distance touring the 3/4 length, three season, Tourmaster Transition 3 Womens Jacket can handle whatever adventures you take it on.

Constructed of a durable 600 denier Carbolex® and a 1680 denier ballistic shell, with removable CE approved armor in the elbows and shoulders, plus a triple density back pad, you will have abrasion and impact protection on all your rides.  The waterproof, breathable Rainguard® Barrier keeps you dry, while strategically placed reflective Phoslite® keeps you visible. transition-3-womens-blog





To adjust to the temperature changes while out riding you have a zip out quilted liner to keep your warm, or you can slip it off it you don’t need it, and the pipeline ventilation system, which consists of waterproof vents along the shoulders, chest, sleeves and rear of the Tourmaster Transition 3 Womens Jacket, to provide maximum air flow if the weather decides to warm up.






This ladies motorcycle jacket is comfortable and adjustable so you can get a precise fit. The cuffs and collar are lined with a soft  microfiber and there are adjustments at the hip, waist, forearms and biceps. And as a bonus there is a pant attachment zipper in the lower rear of the jacket so you can be fully suited up.







With several pockets inside and out plus a dual zipped fanny pack pocket and a sleeve key pocket you will have plenty of room to carry all your stuff. Available in four colors, this versatile, tough, women textile jacket is a great investment for your motorcycle gear collection.

Vega MSS Jacket for Men & Women

Sometimes you just need a lightweight versatile jacket for riding. The Vega MSS Jacket is worth taking a look. It can be layered under a motorcycle jacket when it’s cold out, but if the weather warms up then just wear it by itself.

The Vega MSS Jacket has been constructed of a water resistant and windproof soft textile material that has reflective piping strategically placed on the front and back for extra visibility. The hip length shell is great for riding or for wearing around as a casual everyday jacket. With fleece lined cuffs, a stand up collar and several pockets this simple jacket pretty much has all you need for a day of riding.





For you ladies we have the Vega MSS Womens Jacket, that is the same as the mens version but has been designed with a princess cut to flatter your figure. So if you’re looking for a simple versatile jacket to wear anytime, whether layered or not, then check out this Vega jacket today.

Nelson Rigg Sport Bike Tank Bags

Tank bags are great for getting some extra storage on your bike, whether you need it for daily commutes or for that long distance adventure you’re heading out on. Nelson Rigg Tank Bags come in a variety of sizes with great features and should fit whatever you need to take with you on your motorcycle.

All these bags are constructed of a Tri-Max Ballistic Nylon, which is durable and will easily maintain it’s shape. They’re all available in your choice of a strap mounting system or a magnetic version, with optional suction cup and hook mount kits. With reflective piping for visibility and a protective material along the bottom, they will not slip off your tank. A map pocket has been integrated on top for your directions, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap so these Nelson Rigg Tank Bags are easy to carry around when you get to your destination.

CL1010-blogNow let’s take a look at a few specific models…we’ll start with a smaller size and work our way up. If you just need something that’s low profile to carry a few essentials, then the Nelson Rigg CL-1010 Mini Sport Tank Bags is a perfect size. Measuring 10″ long by 7″ wide by 3″ tall, holding 3.5 liters, you’ll have the space you need without having a big bulky bag on top of your bike. CL1025-blog

A mid-sized bag may be more what you’re searching for and the Nelson Rigg CL-1025 Sport Tank Bags is a great size for those days when you need to take just a little more motorcycle gear with you. Able to hold 10.62 liters, it measures 12″ long by 9″ wide by 6″ tall. In addition to the features listed, it sports a durable handle and an organizer inside to keep some of your stuff in it’s place.

The Nelson Rigg Adventure Touring Tank Bags have a very unique feature that the other three bags don’t and that is a clear pouch, located under the map pocket, that holds your GPS unit or your Smart Phone.  It also has a contoured shape so it will fit perfectly against your tank whether you ride an adventure model or a sport bike. Being expandable it can hold either 14.6 liters or 21.09 liters of riding gear. Measuring 11″ long by 9″ wide by 9″ tall or 13″ tall (when expanded) you get a little more room and the option to create more storage if the need arises.  And it comes in not only Black but the Hi-Viz Yellow that so many people love.









Of course if you’re headed out on a road trip for a few days you might need even more storage space and the Nelson Rigg CL-1035 Touring Tank Bags will give you what you need. CL1035-blogExpandable, it can hold a bunch of essentials or can accommodate a full face helmet, if you want to stash it there. Bonus features in this motorcycle luggage piece are a side charging port with cable access and the adaptability to convert to a backpack. It measures 15″ long by 10″ wide by 7″ tall or when expanded the height is 11″. Compact it will hold 17.21 liters or 27.04 liters when you open it all up. So as you can see this bag has a lot of great features to give you the space you need.CL-1035-with-helmet-trimmed

So whether you are needing some daily riding space or more room for your next bike trip these tank bags should have the size you need. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out all the great Nelson Rigg Luggage on our site. Feel free to ask us questions about any of the styles by leaving us a comment, we’d love to help you choose the right luggage for your motorcycle gear.