Vega XTA Half Helmets – Hot Graphics, Solids or the Tribute Series

Half helmets or “shorty’s” as some people call them are a popular style for those who don’t like to feel confined in a full face motorcycle helmet or just get too warm while riding. Vega has come out with a variety of graphics and colors with their Vega XTA Half Helmet line. So whether you want to match your Honda color or want a sick graphic or would like to pay tribute to the military, this line has something for everyone.


Lets talk safety and comfort. The Vega XTA Solid Half Helmets, available in Flat or Gloss Black, along with all the other half helmets listed (below) are DOT approved and constructed of a tough thermoplastic shell. Lightweight with a Wick Dri comfort fit liner and a removable 3 snap universal fit visor, this shorty styled helmet can accommodate speaker ready ear pads by Echo if you so choose. They also come in several sizes so you can get a helmet to fit anyone in your family who rides.


Now let me introduce you to a cool line of military inspired motorcycle helmets that you can wear to show some support. The background of the Vega XTA Flight Line Helmet looks like the exterior of an airplane with it’s rivet details. There’s also a star with wings to show that air force type design.  If you like camo then check out the Vega XTA Born To Ride Helmet with a row of bullets detailing the back edge of the helmet and peace symbols on the sides. Now if you are a Marine or love a Marine then the Vega XTA Semper Fi Helmet is the one for you. Sporting a tough looking eagle, holding an anchor in it’s talons that is emblazoned with “Faithful Semper Fi”, you can show your full support to the Marine Core.







If you’re looking for something more sick looking,  then here’s a few you might like. The Vega XTA Barbed Skull Helmet has an evil looking skull with a barbed wire background, while the Vega XTA Rattlers Helmet is for you snake lovers. Vicious looking rattlesnakes are coiled around your head when you wear this motorcycle lid.  And of course there’s the Vega XTA Tortured Souls Helmet with it’s vapid skull head design & realistic flames dancing in the background.







If you’re not into graphics and just want a basic colored helmet then check out the Vega XTA Touring Solid Half Helmets which have a Honda Color Match for most Goldwings or the Vega XTA Touring Flat Black Half Helmet if you prefer a subtle flat black instead. These touring styled helmets are the same as the above mentioned motorcycle helmets but with a few more features.

They have adjustable forehead vents to give you some air flow and include the easy to attach/detach Easy Com Wind Curtain, which accommodates almost any speaker headsets, so you can keep up your communication with your fellow riders or passengers.

So pick what fits your personality or your bikes personality! And if you don’t find anything here that  grabs your attention…or rather, is what you’re searching for…there are many more motorcycle helmets available on our site, in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs, so check’em out today. And if you have any comments on these cool half helmets, let us know, leave a comment, we are always looking for our customers feedback!

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