Customizing your Can-AM Spyder with Show Chrome, Kuryakyn & Nelson Rigg Accessories

So have you joined the three wheel motorcycle world by scoopin’ up one of those cool Can-Am Spyders? Awesome…now it’s time to customize it, just like every rider does. And at CompAcc we have all the right accessories to give it a personality all it’s own. There are tons of ways you can customize your Can-Am Spyder with things you want like chrome, trim, grips, windshields and performance parts so here’s a few that are newer to the market.

can-am-marker-lightsTo help you been seen better, whether you’re out riding at night or during the day, check out the Show Chrome Can-Am Spyder Amber LED Marker Lights. These lights fit all the Spyder models and can be wired as running lights or as a combination turn signal & running light, which gives you greater visibility on the road, while strategically placing 16 Amber colored LED lights on each side of your front fender.




And while we are at the front, lets take a look at the Show Chrome Can-Am Spyder Fender Accent Trim to add some more splash to your ride. Designed to fit just behind the marker lights, they will make the front stand out just a little bit more.

To add more style and comfort to your new favorite mode of transportation, let me introduce you to a few styles of hand grips. Easy to install, all three designs are covered in cushy ISO rubber that helps reduce fatigue and vibration from all that riding you do. Plus you can incorporate a Throttle Boss if you want for extra comfort. So choose which style fits your model…the  Kuryakyn Can-AM Spyder RS Black ISO Grips which give you a basic solid black style, the Kuryakyn Can-AM Spyder ISO Flame Grips which have a unique flame pattern or the Kuryakyn Can-AM Spyder RS ISO Grips that blend both black and chrome in a simple design.








Taking a trip with a passenger is always fun but do you have enough space? With the Show Chrome Can-Am Spyder RT Saddlebag & Trunk Lid Net Organizer you can use that excess space located in the upper recess area to make the most of your storage. Easy to use, they come in a set of three so you have one for each location on your Can-Am.


And since you’re going to have a passenger why don’t you add the Show Chrome Can-Am Spyder RT Carbon Fiber Saddlebag Scuff Pads to the outside of your bags so neither of you have to worry about any damage while on your adventure. These scuff pads look good with their carbon fiber design and are a cinch to install.


can-am-360-coverWhether you store your Spyder in the garage or outside, we want to make sure you can keep it protected it from damage, dust or rain. So depending on your model make sure you order up either the Nelson Rigg CAS-370 Can-Am Spyder RT Full Cover or the Nelson Rigg CAS-360 Can-Am Spyder RS Full Cover. Both are fully waterproof and constructed of a durable Tri-Max Nylon that has a soft interior, so as not to scratch your Can-Am. Plus they have a “24-7” ventilation system that allows air flow and heat shields to protect against hot exhaust.



There are many more Can-Am Spyder accessories available on our website. We hope this gives you a few possibilities as to what you can add to your Spyder. If you’re looking for more three wheeled motorcycle gear, feel free to leave a comment or question and we’ll be happy to help you out. And have a great time out there cruising around on your favorite three wheels.


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