Speed & Strength’s ‘Top Dead Center’ Hits the Mark!









The Top Dead Center gear from Speed & Strength has a sleek, sporty look, great for those of you who like subtle styling, that looks great, but isn’t too flashy. This graphic has been incorporated in the SS700 helmet, with matching Top Dead Center Jacket and Top Dead Center Gloves. We already had a chance to review the helmet, but take a look at the rest of this awesome gear set.



Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Jacket

The Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Jacket has an asymmetrical colorway, giving it a unique look that is sure to set you apart from other riders. The jacket has been decorated with high quality TPR logos, and an embellished racing stripe down the center back that coordinates with the helmet. Not only does the Top Dead Center Jacket look great, but it also has top notch comfort and convenience features. The jacket has been constructed with a water resistant AR-600 Frame to protect you during light showers and mild inclement weather. For safety, there are removable, Vault CE approved shoulder & elbow protectors; as well as a Vault CE approved Spine Protector. The Speed Zip Controlled Ventilation System consists of bicep vents, and rear exhaust vents for great air circulation. For a personalized fit, the Top Dead Center Jacket has lock-down waist adjusters, as well as molded ‘strong arm’ sleeve adjusters. Both options can be fine-tuned to your body type and comfort level. As a convenience, there are belt loops for optional pant attachment, and reflective trim for increased nighttime visibility.

Front View
Rear View
Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Mesh Gloves

The Speed & Strength Top Dead Center Gloves feature the same asymmetrical design as the jacket with three fingers painted in the color of your choice, and a bold white stripe that extends down the top of the index finger. The TPR knuckle protector is also a stylish speed and strength logo. Some other subtle graphics have been printed on the top of the fingers and back of the hand as well. Aside from the knuckle protector, the reinforced palm also provides additional protection. These gloves have a pre-curved race cut for optimum comfort, and a secure hook and loop wrist closure.


Each of these pieces of gear look great separately, but you can’t deny that altogether, the combination of the Top Dead Center helmet, jacket, and gloves make one killer gear set with no shortage of style and functionality. Ladies! Be sure to check out the women’s version of the ‘Top Dead Center’ graphic, the Speed & Strength Throttle Body Jacket, and Throttle Body Gloves. To learn more about the Speed and Strength Top Dead Center gear, Check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

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