Tourmaster Elite Series II Rain Gear

Having to wear motorcycle rain gear is a bummer, but sometimes you just have to have it, so make sure you’re prepared. Whether you’d prefer a 1-Piece Rainsuit or 2-Pieces, the Tourmaster Elite Series II is a great choice.

Let’s talk about the construction of all of the pieces within the Elite Series II Rain Gear collection. They are all made with a durable waterproof, polyurethane backed nylon shell that has tough sealed seams to keep the water out. Both the rainsuit and the jacket are equipped with a unique Aqua-Barrier “under the helmet” hood, which keeps rain from running down your neck and onto your clothes.




To keep you cool, there are grommets under the arms and a poly mesh lining for optimal air flow. The Tourmaster signature reflective logo along with strategically placed reflective piping makes you stand out on those darker, rainy days.


Elite-Series-II-pantsThe Tourmaster Elite Series II 1-Piece Rainsuit  and the jacket have multiple waterproof pockets to stash your stuff, a scoop vent system with a mesh backing to offer additional air circulation. All three pieces offer full length easy access zippers to make them easy to slip in/out of even if you have to quickly pull over onto the side of the road.elite-series-II-aqua-barrier

With multiple adjustments the Tourmaster Elite Series II Rain Jackets are easy to adjust to fit your body which is especially important in unisex clothing such as this. And on the Tourmaster Elite Series II Rain Pants you can be reassured of protection with a high density nylon seat panel and the heat shields that are available on the Nomex style pants.

So whether you prefer a one piece rainsuit or two piece rain gear, make sure to check out all of the Tourmaster Rain Gear on our site. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or if you’ve had a chance to wear one of these great pieces let us know. We love feedback on our all motorcycle gear. 



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