River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Trolley & Duffel Bags Review

So you like to travel but wish you could use the same set of luggage for all your trips? Well we have some great luggage that you can strap down on your bike and can also be used if you’re forced to travel by car or plane instead! The River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Trolley Bags, with the separate yet integratable, River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Duffel Bag can be taken anywhere, on any trip, with any transportation mode.


These bags are heavy duty motorcycle luggage that can easily be taken on a plane or in your car. Constructed of RoadTex 1680 denier nylon with UV protection, along with a PVC coating to repel water, these bags can handle all modes of transportation. But lets talk about using them on your next motorcycle trip. The River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Trolley Bag has a simple to install mounting system of velcro straps that are both vertical and horizontal to keep it cinched tight. With the sturdy metal D-rings you can easily integrate the matching River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Duffel Bag on top for extra packing space.



Both bags have reinforced walls and come with a waterproof cover to keep your motorcycle gear protected. Plus they have a gray interior so you can find things easily, while several outer pockets give you more storage space.  The Trolley Bag also has features, just like your normal suitcase, to make it great for those other modes of transportation you might be forced to take, like a retractable handle, easy glide wheels and inside straps to keep your clothes in place.

specturm trolley and duffelspectrum-trolley-back


So as you can see this River Road motorcycle luggage can be used on any of the trips you might be taking. Of course we hope you get to use them on your bike most of the time but we know that sometimes you have to drive or fly, so at least you can have great versatile luggage to take with you.





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