Tourmaster Flex Pants for Men & Women

Whether your riding in warm or cold or rainy weather, the Tourmaster Flex Pants can handle it and will protect you no matter what conditions you encounter, plus they’re a breeze to slip in/out of and easy to convert on the fly!

flex-pants-frontflex-pants-backLets first take a look at the outside of these great motorcycle pants. Constructed with a tough 600 denier Carbolex, they are double stitched to stand up to the many miles you will ride in them. With heat resistant panels on the inside of the lower leg they will be protected from your pipes/engine and the Phoslite reflective material strategically placed throughout will give you increased visibility.

Now lets talk about the inside. The Tourmaster Flex Pants are very versatile and can quickly be converted to an Armor-Link Mesh shell if the weather starts to get warmer. They also have a unique Aqua-Therm Liner which offers two stages: a windproof/waterproof liner for nasty weather along with an insulated liner to give you that additional warmth if you need it. Inside you will also find the removable CE approved three position knee armor and removable soft armor in the hips.








As you can see you will be warm and dry with all the wearing options available plus have impact and abrasion resistance. To give you even more comfort, they have stretch material in the knees, inseam and calf area for riding flexibility and adjustment tabs for a precise fit. Both the Tourmaster Flex Womens Pants and the mens version can be attached by zipper to the matching Tourmaster Flex Series 3 Jackets.

To check out all the great Tourmaster Motorcycle Riding Gear,  go to today. If you have any questions, give us a call or leave an comment and we’ll be happy to give you more inside scoop.


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