Tourmaster Cruiser III Sissybar Bag Collection Overview

We all love to travel but going by motorcycle is always more fun. The dilemma is how to you carry all your gear. Well the Tourmaster Cruiser III Sissybar Bag Collection has got you covered. Available in four sizes and with a Cooler Insert Bag available for your food, this might be just the motorcycle luggage you need for your next ride.

Cruiser-III-XLargeLets begin with the basics. All the bags are constructed of  weather resistant, durable 840 denier nylon, with internal support panels to help keep their shape whether you have them full or not. The Tourmaster signature reflective triangle and dark colored reflective piping will give you great visibility if it’s dark or rainy out. Speaking of rain, an included cover will keep all your motorcycle gear nice and dry inside the Tourmaster Cruiser III Sissybar Bags and a removable neoprene layer on the bottom of the bag keeps your paint safe from damage, while a simple universal mounting system keeps the bag securely on your bike.22316_8

As far as the storage space you have your choice of sizes (small, medium, large or extra large) so you can get what fits all your motorcycle gear and all but the Tourmaster Cruiser III Small Sissybar Bag have several external pockets to carry extra stuff. The Tourmaster Cruiser III Large Sissybar Bag & the extra large size also come with a hidden travel tote in the base of the bag and they all have hinged top lids to give you easy access to the internal compartment.


And as an added bonus the Tourmaster Cruiser III Medium Sissybar Bag comes with the Tourmaster Cruiser III Cooler Insert Bag so you can carry your lunch, snacks or cold drinks with you on your ride. The Cooler Insert Bag is also sold separately and fits into the large and Tourmaster Cruiser III X-Large Sissybar Bag, so you can add it if you decide to go with a bigger sissy bar bag.


Whether riding daily just to commute to work or going for a long bike trip, this motorcycle luggage can give you all the space you want for your adventures. Check them all out at our website today and if you have any questions feel free to ask, we’d be happy to answer them for you.

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