River Road Spectrum Saddlebags Review

Saddlebags! What a great concept to carry all your motorcycle gear on your bike adventures. The River Road Spectrum Series Saddlebags are available in two shapes to fit your bike’s style, so see which best suits you.


If your bike needs just the basic square bag, then the River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Box Saddlebags are the best choice. But if you prefer a cool angled style then check out the River Road Spectrum Series Nylon Slant Saddlebags.

What makes these saddle bags different from other motorcycle luggage? Durability, Water Resistance & a Heat Resistant Base! With their tough RoadTex 1680 denier nylon outer shell, that not only has UV protection built in, but also has an integrated PVC coating that repels water and the heat resistant base that protects against that possible contact with your pipes, these bags are made to survive through all the journeys you take them on.







Customer fitted liner bags make it a breeze to pack your stuff and gives you an extra barrier from the elements. Plus there’s a waterproof cover to protect your motorcycle gear even further if the conditions get really bad. With a removable neoprene layer to cover the contact points on the interior side of the bags, your paint will be safe from scratches while the reinforced walls of these River Road motorcycle saddlebags keep them from getting droopy. A couple of great bonus features on these bags are that they have been equipped with the Fast-Zip Removal system which allows them to be quickly zipped off to haul around with you and the box style lids that have heavy duty lockable zippers so you can lock up your belongings, if you leave them on your bike. So there you have it, great,  durable, weather resistant, heat resistant saddlebags that will carry your stuff on your next bike adventure!


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