River Road Momentum Series Saddlebags Review

Motorcycle saddlebags are a must for most bikers and River Road has a great selection of them in their Momentum Series which includes a variety of sizes, in three design styles.


The River Road Compact Saddlebags are your classic box style with a bonus pocket on the back end, while the River Road Compact Slant Saddlebags have that cool angled look.



The River Road Medium Slant Saddlebags are great for short trips because they give you just a little more room than the compact version, but aren’t too bulky for a smaller motorcycle.


The River Road Large Slant Saddlebags have a bonus pocket on the end of the bag and are great for a weekend trip, while the River Road X-Large Slant Saddlebags have two bonus pockets, one on the end and one of the side, so you’ll have room for all the motorcycle gear you need to carry with you.


All of the Momentum Saddlebags are constructed of a durable, synthetic material that incorporates UV protection, to stand up to the elements, yet still have the look & feel of great classic black leather. To keep your motorcycle gear safe inside, the walls & base are reinforced to stand strong & retain their shape and the lids have extra long cross over flaps with velcro closures. Plus there are custom fitted liners that not only make packing simple but provide an extra barrier of protection.







Easy to install, there are quick release straps that hold the bags in place on your bike and quick release buckles to make the motorcycle luggage convenient to get into. Chrome hardware hides these buckles and gives the bag a classic biker style. To protect your paint or chrome there are removable neoprene layers and a waterproof cover to keep them safe on a rainy day. All the bags are available in either a Classic look, with Studs or with Braided trim, on our website at CompAcc.com



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