For The Zombie Lovers: Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet Graphic

The Walking Dead. Zombies. Brains, Blood, and Gore. Do I have your attention yet? Well, if I don’t, this new helmet graphic from Icon will. The Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet has been given a wickedly eye catching graphic. The design consists of a screaming skull with soul-less eyes, a ‘Jason-type’ figure wielding a chainsaw, and enough gushing blood to make Quentin Tarantino blush. Clearly, this helmet is not for the faint of heart. Oh, and did I mention,…it glows in the dark!; meaning people will see this mobile terror day or night! This definitely ain’t your momma’s helmet, but if chainsaws and madness is your thing, pick up the Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet! To learn more about the Chainbrain, The Icon Airmada Helmet, and other Icon gear, check out our website:!

Side View
It Glows!!!

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