Kali Protectives : An Insight Within Ingenuity

Kali Naza Horns Carbon Helmet     Kali Protectives      Kali Naza Lightness Carbon Helmet

Kali Protectives has been around since 2008 creating some of the most advanced Motorcycle Protection Equipment on the market. The main engineer and owner for Kali Protectives is Brad Waldron and he understands lightweight aerodynamics at a Sir George Cayley (Father of Aerial Engineering) level. The guy is a genius. Brad has a proven track record that includes being one of the engineers called upon to convert the F-18 Fighter Jet’s tail from aluminum to carbon fiber. Brad Waldron’s knowledge of advanced technologies and lengthy career involved in aerospace engineering creates an ideal candidate for constructing First-Class Motorcycle Gear. A firm understanding for aeronautical engineering allows Kali Protectives the ability to create super lightweight Motorcycle Helmets and Motorcycle Armor with superior aerodynamics and out of this world strength.

At Kali Protectives, David Assyag and Mike Wilson are also founders of this Motorcycle Accessory company. David started out as a mechanical engineer and as a helmet designer before joining Kali. He enjoys MX riding and has a breadth of knowledge for what it takes to develop top-of-the-line gear for on road and off road riders. Along his side is Mike Wilson. Mike had a career in managing and buying sporting good retailers prior to Kali Protectives. He is a guru when it comes to marketing and has a passion for protective gear. Together, Brad, David and Mike create the ultimate Kali Protectives All-Star Team when it comes to engineering, constructing and marketing Motorcycle Helmets & Protection.

Comparing Shells between Traditional and Kali Prospectives

From a technological standpoint, Kali Protectives creates superior products using top of the line materials, with untouchable engineering theoretics. Typical Full Face Motorcycle Helmets are constructed with compressed foam glued to the interior of the outer shell. This provides sufficient protection, although it can leaves gaps between the foam and shell causing less surface area to share an impact. Kali engineers currently use two unsurpassed foam constructions: COMPOSITE FUSION and COMPOSITE FUSION Plus Technology.

Graph of COMPOSITE FUSION Plus Construction
Kali Protectives Compare

Kali Protectives COMPOSITE FUSION:
The COMPOSITE FUSION uses an ultra close bond between the helmet shell and the absorbing material inside. If you remember from science class, those molecules that are packed closest together will create the strongest and most sturdy material, and this goes for motorcycle protection equipment as well. When looking at a material that is made to protect and withstand impact trauma, the materials (whether combined or alone) will work best when the molecules of the material are tightly packed together. Kali’s Composite Fusion design uses closely bonded and layered molecules that allow Kali Protectives to use a thinner shell, which ultimately gives their helmets a lighter weight with super strength capabilities.

Kali Protectives COMPOSITE FUSION Plus Construction:
The COMPOSITE FUSION Plus Construction is like the Composite Fusion on steroids and is award winning. This uses the same tight fitting molecules to create a crowning protection for your head. The Plus Construction protects your most vital organ, the brain, with a specially designed foam inside the shell that uses geometric shapes to dissipate shock. This creates a super unique and extremely strong material within their full face motorcycle helmets that will keep you safe whether you are riding for fun or competitively racing. Look at the design and engineering below.

Carbon/Kevlar/Fiberglass Tri-Weave Shell with COMPOSITE FUSION™ PLUS Construction

Backing away from the scientific standpoint of Kali‘s products, they know their stuff. It would be tough to understand, on an intellectual level, a conversation about how the Founders describe their Motorcycle Gear development process, because that is how ingrained engineering and physics are to their gear. Kali Protectives makes top quality products with ingeniously fused knowledge of construction and materials. They make top-quality motorcycle gear that has been proven and tested on On Road, Off Road and at the Track, making Kali Protectives a fine choice for Motorcycle Racing Gear.

Currently available by Kali Protectives are the Carbon Helmets. They look very nice with a Carbon / Kevlar / Fiberglass Tri-Weave Shell that uses COMPOSITE FUSION™ PLUS Construction. This means not only do they look great, but they should be extremely safe and durable.

Kali Naza Darkness Carbon Helmet     Kali Naza Monuments Carbon Helmet     Kali Naza Liberty Carbon Helmet

If you have any questions about Kali Protectives, let us know. We are here to help. If you have any questions about anything motorcycle accessory related, drop us a line.

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