The All New UCLEAR HBC100 Plus Boomless Helmet Communicator Coming Soon

UCLEAR HBC100 Plus Motorcycle Intercom
UClear HBC 100 Boomless Microphone
UCLEAR HBC 100 Plus Boomless Motorcycle Communicator

Like the UCLEAR HBC100 and the UCLEAR HBC200,  the UCLEAR HBC100 Plus is a very nice quality Motorcycle Intercom that allows rider to rider communication for up to 500 yards.  That is over a 1/3 of a mile. 

UCLEAR is known for their Boomless Microphone.  In the words of UCLEAR, “Booms suck.”


What is great about the UCLEAR Boomless Microphone is the superior voice quality that it provides,  simultaneously removing wind and other outside distortions.  As for the listening,  the UCLEAR HBC100 Plus Helmet Communicator has stereo speakers that have embedded microphones,  which gives you a nice sound quality.  Good sound quality makes this UCLEAR device a good choice for listening to some good music.  A great feature with these motorcycle communication devices is that you can make a call,  chat with a passenger (or nearby bike) and still turn the music up.

When looking for motorcycle communication devices,  many have chosen to ride with UCLEAR.  For those riders that ride with a larger wolf pack,  check out the UCLEAR HBC200 Force.  The HBC200 Force uses Multi Hop Technology that allows for up to 10 or more riders that can stretch up to 1.3 miles.  We didn’t test the Uclear HBC 200 on a bike,  but it was extremely clear in the office–  and humerous.  The sales guys that were here still late at night tried it on and had some fun with it.  They also agreed that these are very clear and true sounding motorcycle intercoms.

We are looking to make a product review of the UCLEAR HBC 100 Plus and push it to the max on a bike to test out how it does with wind noise–  just waiting on our sample.  These should be released around April 2013.  Until then,  check out our UCLEAR product videos where we have a UCLEAR Rep discussing their Motorcycle Intercom Systems and letting you know why Booms really do Suck.

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