HJC FG-Jet Helmets will Soar Above the Rest

HJC FG-Jet Helmet, silver, black, matte black, white, hi-viz
HJC FG-Jet Helmets – Available in Hi-Viz!

A new release within HJC Helmets,  the awesomely designed HJC FG-Jet Helmet.  These helmets are ready to take you from Point A to Point C,  while only stopping at Point B for a moment to appreciate the scenery and the greatest gifts from earth–  petroleum,  sunshine and a bag of Beef Jerky.   The FG-Jet has multi-stage intake vents and exhaust vents for maintaining a comfortable ride.  A lightweight fiberglass composite shell will minimalize rider fatigue to keep you on your way.

HJC FG-Jet Helmets have an aerodynamic shell with a sporty look.  The large eyeport opening allows you to have a wide range of lateral visibility.  Helping to maintain great visibility is the optically correct UV treated face shield,  which your eyes will really appreciate will reduce eye strain.  Adding to the quality features provided with the FG-Jet is the one-touch integrated smoke-tinted SunShield.  These sun shields  deploy and retract quickly and easily which allows the rider to safely battle the sun and avoid fumbling the Ray Bans.

Once we get one of these HJC FG-Jet Helmets in our hand,  we will be sure to put up an in-detail video review.  If you have any questions about these helmets or any other motorcycle accessories,  please let our customer service department know!  They are very knowledgeable and enjoy helping out.  Check out some of our motorcycle product video reviews!

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