River Road Leather Gel Palm Gloves Review – Laredo, Chisel, Firestone & Twin Iron


Leather motorcycle gloves with gel padding built into the palms are fantastic, not only for extra comfort, but to help reduce vibration, prevent fatigue & blisters and to give you additional grip. We have four excellent options from River Road for you. The River Road Laredo Leather Gloves, the River Road Chisel Leather Gloves, the River Road Firestone Leather Gloves and the River Road Twin Iron Leather Gloves.




First up, your basic gel pad glove, the River Road Laredo Leather Gloves. Constructed of durable black leather that provides abrasion resistance, they also have the gel padded palm for comfort and a velcro strap at the wrist to keep them snug while out riding.





Take a step up with the River Road Chisel Leather Gloves. Similar to the Laredo, but with a premium matte black finished leather, these motorcycle gloves also have the gel padding in the palms, but have also been outfitted with perforated panels, embedded within the leather, across all the knuckle bend areas to give you some great air flow.




Now if you’re looking for additional protection, above and beyond the abrasion resistance that the leather provides, then check out the next two styles of motorcycle gloves which are both equipped with reinforced knuckles. The River Road Firestone Leather Gloves have been constructed of naked cowhide leather, with the gel palm padding and the tough reinforced knuckles to give them extra durability. They also have reflective piping along the back for increased visibility and have perforated leather panels across the back of the hand for breathability.




Not to be outdone, the River Road Twin Iron Leather Gloves have all of the same great features as the Firestone but with an added bonus of action gussets on all the middle knuckles for superior flexibility. As you can see all four styles of leather motorcycle gloves are similar, but each have different design features to make them unique. So choose which you need for your motorcycle gear collection and get them today, your hands will thank you!


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