Icon Mens Super Duty 4 Boots

There are just some riders who prefer not to wear things that scream out ‘MOTORCYCLE GEAR’, but instead, prefer their gear to be comfortable, with a subtle design; and provide protection. If this sounds like you, then take a look at the Icon Mens Super Duty 4 Boots. At first glance, these might look like your typical work-boot, but with advanced protection features, The Super Duty 4 Boots are anything but typical. The Super Duty 4 have been made with a durable leather upper, an axial metric steel shank, as well as internal ankle protection. The slip resistant rubber sole will give you secure footing on the road, and the rubber interface shifter nubs make shifting a breeze. These boots have a secure closure , complete with a low profile lacing system. The laces are held in place by an aluminum positive lock buckle and an adjustable mid-foot stabilizer strap. Not only will these boots keep you safe on the road, but they look great both on and off the bike. To learn more about the Icon Mens Super Duty 4 Boots, Icon gear, and other motorcycle boot options, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

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