River Road Quantum Series Zip Off Saddlebag Review

It’s time for new motorcycle luggage and the Quantum Series from River Road is a great place to start. With a variety of sizes (Compact, Medium, Large & X-Large), two different styles (Slant & Box) and three design options (Classic, Braided & Studded) you’re sure to find a set that not only fits your lifestyle, but matches the personality of your bike.


River Road Compact Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Compact Zip Off Saddlebags


Constructed of a tough synthetic, UV resistant, material that looks & feels like leather, these motorcycle saddlebags will hold up to the journeys you take them on. To protect your bike where the bags sit against the paint, they have removable neoprene layers. With reinforced side walls and base they will retain their shape whether empty or filled to the top.


River Road Medium Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Medium Zip Off Saddlebags


With the Quick Release Straps that keep your bags securely attached to the bike and the Fast Zip Removal System which lets you attach/detach them quickly, they are simple to pull off the bike when you get to your destination. Or if you just need to get into them, the Quick Release Buckles, which are hidden behind the traditional chrome hardware, are a fast entry system.


River Road Large Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Large Windswept Zip Off Saddlebags


Added features on the Quantum Series assure that your stuff will stay protected. With custom fitted, removable, liner bags, they are simple to get packed. Once inside, they stay safe due to the extra long cross over flaps on the box styled lids and the waterproof cover which will keep your essentials away from all the elements.


River Road X-Large Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

As you can see all the motorcycle bags have convenient handles on the top so they are easy to carry around when you get to your destination and some styles have bonus space provided by outer pockets, which are great for those last minute things.

Here’s a few close-ups of some of the great features on all these River Road Saddlebags. Now you can decide which style, design and size is the best for you & your bike! Order now before your next adventure begins!





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