Grateful Dead “Skull & Roses” Collection by River Road

Featuring authentic Grateful Dead logos and emblems, the new Grateful Dead Collection of Leather Motorcycle Jackets, Leather Motorcycle Vests, Leather Motorcycle Chaps and Motorcycle Helmets by River Road, has been created especially for all you Deadheads out there!



The 1971 Grateful Dead album cover artwork “Skull & Roses” has been displayed on leather jackets, vests and helmets, in a variety of color schemes. The image, in reference to an ancient Roman tradition, which was the custom of exhibiting the relic skulls of Christian martyrs decorated with roses on their feast days, was originally used on a poster for the Avalon Ballroom concert in 1966. Now you can sport this iconic image while out riding.



Featuring the legendary skull with hair made of roses, River Road has designed two color versions, in two distinct biker jacket styles. Both sporting the band’s name and chains encircling the skull, the River Road Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Color Logo Jacket has the iconic red roses hair, while the other is done in blue so you can choose what suits your personality. Constructed of premium leather for optimal abrasion resistance, with removable/upgradable armor in the shoulders, elbows & back for additional protection, the mens River Road Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Leather Jackets are a classic choice for your biker gear collection. With a great ventilation system for warmer days, a quilted removable liner for cooler days, plenty of storage and an adjustable waist, you will be protected & comfortable in these cool biker jackets if you happen to go slidin’ across the ground.



And for that special lady in your life there’s the River Road Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Womens Leather Jacket created to specifically fit her. With a ventilation system, removable liner, several pockets and an adjustable waist, she will also be well protected and comfortable in a high quality leather. In a more subdued, yet tough girly design, the skull sports pink roses for hair so she can also support her favorite band in style, while out riding.





Throw on the River Road Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Leather Vest on those nice days that you don’t need a full leather motorcycle jacket. With adjustable lace up sides for a precise fit, a padded kidney belt for support and plenty of pockets to stash your stuff, this premium leather vest will be a great addition to your Grateful Dead riding gear.





Save your skull in a River Road Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Helmet. Constructed of premium materials with adjustable vents, retention D-rings straps and D.O.T. approved, there are two colorways to choose from. Black & white for a subtle yet menacing look or the colorful version with red roses around the skull. Both motorcycle helmets will keep you protected if the asphalt decides to say hi.





So if you still have a passion for their music and consider yourself a die hard Deadhead, wear your choice of the Grateful Dead collection of motorcycle gear, so you can show your love for this unique band, while out riding. With plenty of iconic images and options in the riding gear, you can be sure you will find what suits you in this great River Road line of biker gear.



To get more details on all the cool Grateful Dead products or other motorcycle gear by River Road, including the Womens River Road Grateful Dead gear and the wide variety of artwork, check us out at today.


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