Zip Off Saddlebags with Locks – the River Road Quest Series Luggage Review

Are you prepared for your next bike trip? If not, then check out this Quest Series Luggage which comes in two styles… the River Road Zip Off Slant Saddlebags with Lock  and the River Road Zip Off Box Saddlebags with Lock.

Identical except for their outer shell shape, these Harley styled motorcycle saddlebags all have the traditional chrome hardware, but come in three different designs so you can choose what fits your personality. First you have the original Classic, which is done in basic black, for those who just want their bags to blend in with their bike. But if you want just a little detail, there’s the Braided version that is still all black but has a little design element to it. Now if you want a bag that stands out, then check out the Studded saddlebag, with it’s cool silver studded look that is sure to be eye-catching.







As far as the construction details, the Quest Series Saddlebags are made of a durable synthetic material, with built in UV protection, that has that great look & feel of leather and each bag comes with a removable neoprene layer that will protect your paint & chrome at all of the contact points.

To provide a secure environment for your belongings, these motorcycle bags are equipped with multiple features that offer protection. The lid attaches with velcro & has extra long cross over inner flaps, while a reinforced base & rigid side walls help retain the bag shape. There’s a waterproof cover to keep them safe from the elements while custom fitted, removable liners makes packing easier and offers one more layer of protection for your motorcycle gear.  And don’t forget that the they come with a two-digit combination lock for that extra level of security, which comes in handy if you need to leave your luggage on your bike for a while.









Security is a must with motorcycle luggage but having them be easy to get on and off your bike quickly is a huge plus and these River Road Saddlebags do just that. With the Fast Zip Removal System and Quick Release Straps, they are breeze to install and/or remove in an instant. If you just need to get into them for a moment the Quick Release Buckles, which are hidden behind the cool chrome hardware, makes that simple to do. They also have built in, sturdy handles on the top of the bag, which makes them easy to carry around when you get to your destination. So if you’re in the market for some motorcycle luggage that is lockable and easy to use, then these pieces from River Road might be just the ticket to make your next bike adventure a success.


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