River Road Goggles Review

Goggles are always a good choice for eye protection while riding if you’re not sure of the weather or you want make sure that nothing gets in your eyes. Here are some River Road motorcycle goggles that come in a few styles so you can choose what suits your personality.


If you prefer that old school flyer style, the River Road Baron Aviator Goggles, the River Road Rambler Aviator Goggles and the River Road Paragon Goggles should fit the bill, but if you want a more streamlined look, then check out the River Road Adventure Goggles,  the River Road Eliminator Goggles and the River Road Mach 3 Goggles.

All six styles of goggles have been constructed with a heavy duty poly-carbonate shatterproof lens and contain the UV 400 filters that protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. To protect them, the interior & exterior of the lenses are coated with a scratch resistant protective layer, which is also vented to make them fog resistant. Lined with comfortable foam padding to keep out dust, debris and rain, they also are equipped with an adjustable strap give them a precise fit.


A few differences in these motorcycle goggles are the available lens colors and whether they have a hinged nose piece. Of the three old school aviator styles, the Baron & Paragon are not hinged while the Rambler is which makes them easier to fold up and pack away. The Baron only comes in a smoke colored lens, while the Rambler is only available in the clear for that nighttime riding. The Paragon is best for bright sunshine with it’s super dark lens and if you really like that design, it’s also made with a clear lens.

As far as the other three, they are all made in a streamlined style to give you a clean, modern look. The Eliminator is not hinged while both the Adventure and the Mach 3 come with the hinged nose piece to make them more compact. All of these three are available in both smoke lenses for sunny days, clear for nighttime riding and the Eliminator also comes in a mirrored look.


So the choice is up to you…do you like the classic aviator look or the sleek modern style and do you need them to be clear or tinted? Choose the one that fits your personality, or maybe a few, and order them up today at CompAcc.com

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