New Arai Defiant Helmets : Defying Normality and Defying Expectation

New Arai Helmets are the Arai Defiant Helmets

Arai Helmets have several different Graphics

What’s NEW to the current lineup of ARAI Helmets?  The DEFIANT Helmet series!  Arai Defiant Helmets are engineered with a completely new shell model.  This shell does not replace any other shell models,  it is designed specifically for the Defiant!  Arai has designed the Defiant shell particularly for you street riders that appreciate what Arai has to offer year after year.  This exterior style looks fast and aggressive with smooth lines and quality graphics.  These are Top-Shelf full face street helmets geared towards the rider not afraid to drop some extra loot on a primo piece of motorcycle gear.  We have been informed that your SAI shields will work with these helmets.

Arai has engineered a new ventilation system for these helmets.  The New IC-4 Upper Intake vents have been designed to have a better seal when closed.  That means they should have less wind noise and allow for a quieter ride than other similar Arai Helmets.  Then mixed with the New ACR-4 exhaust vent,  these helmets should maintain a superior air flow when open and provide reduced drag when closed.  Check out the vents and design of the Defiant helmets.  Below are the Arai Defiant Character Helmets.

Arai Defiant

With Arai,  we can expect the Defiant motorcycle helmet to be of superior quality with advanced features.  Arai makes Top-of-the-Line street and race helmets.  By creating a completely new shell for this Arai Helmet,  it’s easy to see why Arai is one of the biggest known helmet brands in the industry.  They strive to make the absolute best helmets for hardcore riders and enthusiasts.  It’s hard not to have high expectations for the newly designed Arai.


If you have never owned an Arai helmet,  I’m recommending the brand to you.  Check them out.  Do some research.  They make some of the best helmets in the industry!  It’s time to own a piece of the Arai lineup.  We have yet to break this lid down in a full review,  but with an understanding of Arai standards,  we expect this helmet to perform at a superior level.  Once the anxious waiting game is over and we have one of these bad boys in our hands,  we will present it to you in a full out video review.  If you have any questions about Arai,  motorcycle helmets, or any questions in general… let us know.  We are here to help.  Leave us a comment or send us an email and we will respond as quick as we read it!

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