Tourmaster Select Luggage Overview – Sissybar Bag, Saddlebags, Tail Bag, Tank Bag, Lid Pack & Visor Bag


Tourmaster has come out with a great new affordable line of motorcycle luggage that is fairly universal, so it should fit most bikes. From the Sissybar Bag to a Visor Bag, they have all your needs covered in this new collection of durable travel bags.



The two largest pieces of this collection are the Tourmaster Select Sissybar Bag & the Tourmaster Select Saddlebags. Both are constructed of heavy  duty, 600 denier Carbolex® and 1680 denier ballistic nylon construction, with adjustable mounting systems that make them easy to use.



Integrated with removable neoprene to protect your paint, multiple pockets including additional expansion zippered storage, they give you lots of places to stash your stuff. The reflective piping allows people to see you better, while rain covers help keep all your gear protected if the weather goes south. Carrying handles make them easy to tote around and internal support helps keep their shape whether full or empty.



If you’re headed out for a longer motorcycle vacation and need even more room, you can easily add the Tourmaster Select Luggage Tail Bag & the Tourmaster Select Luggage 14 Liter Tank Bag on your bike to get the additional space you require. These motorcycle bags have been made with the same tough 600 denier Carbolex® and have the reflective material stitched in. 



Both have sturdy zippers with easy access to the multiple pockets and convenient handles so you can carry them around while off the bike. The Tail Bag has a soft fleece interior, is built with hidden mounting straps and easily integrates with the Saddle Bags, while the Tank bag has two mounting options (Magnetic or Strap Versions) with a removable, clear map pouch on top.



Last, but not least, we have the perfect place to keep your helmet when it’s not in use and that extra visor that might come in handy. The Tourmaster Select Luggage Lid Pack has been built with that same tough outer shell and a soft liner inside. It has a convenient messenger style carrying strap and will fit most helmets.



To keep your extra shield protected, the Tourmaster Select Luggage Visor Bag is also made of Carbolex® and lined with soft fleece to prevent scratches.



So if you’re looking to invest in some high quality motorcycle luggage gear, then the Tourmaster Selects are great choices that will be able to withstand the journeys you take them on. 


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