Givi S950 GPS Mount : Ditch the Paper Maps

Black Givi S950 GPS, Nav, Navigation, Phone, Cellphone Mount / Holder for your Motorcycle Handlebars
GIVI S950 GPS / Cellphone Holder

Givi S950 GPS Holder will take you places your Map Holder can’t.  With the compact design of the Givi S950,  you can bring all of your maps with you–  electronically.  Welcome your bike to the new wave of technology by ditching your paper maps and bringing your GPS Navigation System with you.  The Givi Mount allows you to securely hold your touchscreen device in place,  while you ride.  This GPS Mount attaches to your handlebars with the option of a vertical or horizontal preference.  These Nav holders also come with a practical anti-rain lining, which guarantees an effective barrier for water,  without interfering with the use of your GPS.

Don’t have a GPS?  That’s okay!  Most cell phones now have GPS applications.  Plenty of room is allotted within the holder to securely fasten your GPS or Cell Phone.  My iPhone 4S,  in an OtterBox cover,  fit comfortably.
Givi S950 fits iPhone with no problemsInstallation is a breeze.  If you can turn a screwdriver,  you can mount the Givi S950 GPS Holder.  These motorcycle GPS mounts would be great for the Touring or Adventure rider–  must have tubular handlebars (will fit most motorcycles and some scooters).  With a lot of navigation systems,  now-a-days,  you can get off road maps for your GPS.  This would be a great motorcycle accessory for your long trips,  or if you are like me and get lost everywhere you go,  short trips would also benefit.

If you are old school…  Givi can handle that,  too.  Check out the Givi T494!  For you youngsters,  that is not a large touch screen.  Those are real maps.  No,  not treasure maps,  but road maps.  Like the ones grandpa has in his glove box.

Givi T949 Motorcycle Map Luggage Holder Tank Bag
Givi T494

If you have any questions about the Givi GPS holder,  drop us a line,  leave a comment,  call,  email,  etc.!  We are here to help you.  If you have any other questions about any motorcycle gear,  we can give you professional and honest help.

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