Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmets : Hide your Kids / Hide your Wife

Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmets : Black and Grey,  Red and Black colors
Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmets

Embrace your inner demon.  Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmets are now available.  Brought to you by Icon,  creators of gear for the new generation of aggressive riders like you and I.  With the Airmada Parahuman,  the skin and flesh have been stripped to leave an unsettling visual of gruesome insanity that reveals the Parahuman artistry.  Ready for raging speeds and adrenaline filled veins,  this motorcycle helmet is that second personality a lot of people have tatted on their body’s canvas.  The Icon Parahuman will scare the living daylight out of small children and have them hiding with mommy.  These sick graphics were designed by the one and only, sickly skilled artist by the name of Tanner Goldbeck.  Tanner Goldbeck does some unreal artwork that looks like it was created for someone possessing dual personalities mixed with a desired  infatuation for demonic fixations,  making him the perfect artist for the Parahuman graphic.  These badass helmets are available in two different dual color combinations.

Red and Black
Red and Black Airmada Parahuman Helmet

Black and Grey
Black and Grey Airmada Parahuman Helmet

The Icon Airmada series helmets have several different graphic designs.  These helmets are reasonably priced with fresh graphics in a sick design.  If you have any questions about the Parahuman graphic,  Airmada helmet,  Icon…  or have any other questions about motorcycle accessories then please let us answer your questions.  Here at Competition Accessories,  motorcycles and motorcycle gear are both our daily work and endless passion.  Trust me,  we don’t get paid enough to call it a job.  This is a hobby.  Drop us a comment or shoot us an email.  We are here to help!

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