The GMAX GM32: An Entry Level Helmet With Advanced Features

If you are in the market for an entry-level, open face helmet, the Gmax GM32 Helmet is definitely an option you’ll want to consider. The Gmax GM32 is not intended to replace its predecessor, the Gmax GM2, but it is an upgraded version; with a few new features, including a retractable sun shield. The sun shield is UV400 and offers 100% UV protection.The shield is easy to operate; you simply turn the dial located on the side of the helmet; and in brighter conditions, or when riding in shaded areas, the sun shield will certainly come in handy. Another upgraded feature is the removable Coolmax liner and cheek pads. Whereas the Gmax GM2 had a non-removable interior, the Gmax GM32 gives you the option of cleaning out the helmet interior; which will keep your helmet fresh, longer. The GM32 has a D.O.T. Poly Alloy Shell and includes a 3 snap visor similar to the GM2. The Gmax GM32 comes in 6 colors, and is available in a wide range of sizes. If these features haven’t peaked your interest, then maybe the price will! This high quality, open-face helmet can be yours for a little under $69.99; and you couldn’t ask for a better deal! For more information about the Gmax GM32, other Gmax helmets, or to see our wide selection of motorcycle helmet brands and models, check out our website:!

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