2011 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited FLHTK Review by Bobby Lester

12 10 17 Bobby's iPhone 003

Hello my name is Sunshine! My owner named me Black Sunshine after Rob Zombie’s song, I was adopted from Cole HD in Bluefield,WV, by an avid rider that has owned other members of my HD family in the past, and he says I am the best of them all, the most comfortable and best handling half ton girl he has ever threw a leg across.

Since he brought me home,, we have traveled to and through some beautiful places, a couple of times he has loaded me up with his wife and packed my bags full of gear and took off for week long trips, we all really seem to enjoy these excursions. I have noticed his wife sleeps, yes sleeps very well on my back, even while going 80mph down the interstate

12 10 21 Bobby's iPhone 013

In the past 18 months we have traveled 22,000+ enjoyable miles(and I was parked for three months of this while he recovered from a broke pelvis.). I especially enjoyed all these travels and my new owner is very good to me, he keeps me clean, feeds me premium fuel, and uses synthetic oil and fluids, he also takes me to my mechanic every 2500 miles, for a thorough service. He changed my shoes at 11,000 miles for some new Avon AV71 & 72’s. He says my next pair would be Michelins, these Avons are ok in the dry but wet grip is limited. Plans are to change my exhaust, add a new air filter and a fuel pak, but for now he is very happy with me in stock form. He did add an adjustable back rest, highway pegs, and bought me a few pieces of bling.


I am not really sure what a recliner is, but he says that I am more comfortable than his favorite recliner, and a hell of a lot more enjoyable than watching TV. One thing is certain he likes to rock, and we both Love to ROLL!!


12-7-15 Shell & FLHTK (6)

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