2007 Yamaha Stratoliner S Review by George Gee


This is my story of my, new to me, 2007 Yamaha Stratoliner S. I bought it back in the Fall of 2012 after a bad accident on my previous motorcycle. While healing I had a lot of time on my hands to search for and find this beauty on Craigslist for a great price. Because of my injuries it became necessary to change the style of bike I ride from my previous dual sport to this lovely touring cruiser. Being able to stretch my legs while riding was necessary and this bike has a lot of leg room. Even though this is a big/heavy bike the balance makes it easy to handle and get off its stand and that is with my bad left leg. My wife has gotten on the bike for a couple of really short runs and she likes the feel of it better and it handles the added weight with no trouble. The power of the bike makes it no problem getting the bike to get up and go. It doesn’t have ABS brakes but I have found that the braking is very good for such a large bike.

The Statoliner S comes pretty much loaded but I have added a few things already and have plans for a lot more. So far I’ve added the Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars, Leader Motorcycle Desert Dawgs, custom wolf head license plate bolts, and a custom mounting bracket for EZ-Pass. I’ve ordered a top case that matches the existing hard bags to increase storage space and plan to have a co-worker help me make a custom mounting bracket for the case. Once I’ve got the case mounted, I want to add additional lighting to the rear of the bike, I figure the more the cages can see me the better. The lighting in the front is already pretty good but since I ride the bike to work early in the morning during good weather I plan to add some driving lights.

As far as rides/adventures on this bike goes, I haven’t had much of a chance to ride it. I did manage to put approximately 1,000 miles on it before I had to put it away do to Winter weather. Up here in New Hampshire you end up having to put the bike up for a few months every year. I was itching so much to get back in the saddle that I rode the first month or so while carrying a cane on the bike. Even had a temporary cane holder mounted so the cane would be safe during the ride. You can image the looks I get when I got off the bike and walked away with a cane. The deal I had to make with my wife was that once I could begin walking the dog again then I could start riding again. It motivated me to get back on my feet.

This bike is so comfortable to ride and brings me such peace that I plan to keep it for many years. There are some bikes that you own that just fit you so well and this one seems to be that one for me. It gives me the comfort, performance, and reliability I look for in my bikes. I’m sure in the future years of ownership I’ll be making some styling and performance changes but that is just part of the funny of motorcycle ownership.

One thought on “2007 Yamaha Stratoliner S Review by George Gee

  1. Enjoyed reading your assessment of the bike.I am going to pick up my strat tomorrow.Can’t wait.Have fun and shiny side up.


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