River Road Taos Womens Waterproof Pants Review


Don’t you hate getting caught in the rain and ending up with your jeans soaked and stuck to you? Well it doesn’t have to be that way. The River Road Taos Womens Waterproof Pants are a waterproof, breathable, ladies motorcycle pants, made of heavy duty textile material, that will keep you dry and toasty warm in all kinds of weather.


These textile motorcycle pants will not only protect you from the elements but also offer CE rated armor in the knees, along with upgradable/removable EVA foam armor in the hips, to protect your lower half just in case the road rises to meet you. And for an extra security measure, River Road has embedded reflective material on both the front & back of the pants, so you’ll be visible no matter what weather or time of day you’re out riding in.



To make sure you’re comfortable while on the bike, there are stretch panels at the back waist & knees for mobility, an insulated, full length, removable liner to keep you cozy, a front storm flap with a velcro closure to keep the rain out, velcro adjustments at the waist to snug them down tight and zippered openings up to the knee, which make the River Road Taos Womens Waterproof Pants easy to slip on & off over your jeans. We also understand that you girls need lots of room to carry all your must-have’s while on your journey and these womens motorcycle pants don’t disappoint with nine pockets for all those things.



And to make sure the weather doesn’t get the best of you, throw on the River Road Taos Womens Waterproof Jacket, that has a built in pants zipper attachment system, so the jacket & pants keep you dry and warm, head to toe. What a great addition to your collection of womens motorcycle gear these will be! And yes your man will be jealous, but he doesn’t need to be, as we have the Mens River Road Taos Waterproof Jacket and the Mens River Road Waterproof Pants available for him too!


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