River Road Guardian Boots Review


Ever been on the bike and come across something cool to do but the motorcycle boots you’re wearing are just too uncomfortable to walk around in for too long. Well next time make sure you’re wearing a pair of River Road Guardian Boots so you can go hike to that waterfall or spend all day exploring that event you just came across.



These riding boots are constructed of a durable leather and mesh hybrid, that has an athletic fit, so you can always be ready to tackle whatever adventure you encounter while out riding. Identical, except for height, the River Road Guardian Tall Boots come with a 9.5” upper to give you that additional support if that’s something you need, but if a 6” upper is more to your liking, then go with the regular River Road Guardian Boots.





Both styles of these motorcycle boots are lightweight, with a EVA footbed that contours to your foot to fight fatigue, by evenly distributing your weight. They are not only comfortable due to the breathable lining that wicks away moisture and the mesh panels that allow air flow, but also have a skid & oil resistant rubber bottom outsole that will keep you safe whether riding or walking around.



So if you have an active lifestyle on and off of your bike, then be prepared for whatever fun things come your way but adding either the River Road Guardian Boots or the River Road Guardian Tall Boots to your motorcycle gear collection.


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