Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bag : Protect and Store your Goodies

Joe Rocket Manta XL Black Tank Bag

Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bags are universal and will fit most bike applications.  Unless,  of course your bike’s gas tank isn’t metal.  The Manta XL secures to your bike’s gas tank with its magnetic mount system.  This tankbag from Joe Rocket is 14″L X 10″W X 7.5″H,  which is just enough room to protect and carry your essentials.  This is not a big bulky touring bag,  it is a small and compact piece of luggage.  There is also a pocket for your cell phone and a hidden rain cover in case your path meets the unfortunate wet weather.  What is great about the Joe Rocket Manta XL bag is that it also has a removable shoulder strap for easy transport.  These are nice looking tank bags and are very secure– it’s not going anywhere even at high speeds.  These are strong magnets and I recommend you giving your tank a quick wipe down before you throw the bag on it to avoid scratches.  Overall,  a nice durable bag that is great for for storing your essentials (wallet,  MP3,  GPS,  cigarettes,  snacks,  water guns,  cameras etc.)–  sorry the 12 packer won’t fit.  Protect and store your goodies with the Joe Rocket Manta XL TankBag.  For a smaller tank bag,  take a look at the Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag.  If you have any questions about this product,  or any other motorcycle accessory,  leave us a comment.  We are here to help make your shopping days easy and provide you with whatever motorcycle knowledge you desire.

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