Price Changes on select Tourmaster Products


A slight price increase has been instituted on a few Tourmaster items due to the ongoing rise of production and labor cost. But don’t worry it’s not a big change, all the below listed products which have been affected, are only increasing $10-$20. So you can still enjoy these great products if they’re not already in your collection.



The Tourmaster Centurion 1-piece Suit offers full body protection in a jump-suit style that covers you from head to toe. Constructed of a heavy duty polyester, with a waterproof, breathable barrier and equipped with CR rated armor in the back, shoulders, elbows & knees, this textile motorcycle suit will have you ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. With an under the helmet hood, removable neck gaiter, several adjustment tabs, stretch panels, multiple pockets and strategically placed vents, you can rest assured you will be safe & dry in the Tourmaster Centurion Suit.




If you are looking for a ¾ length waterproof, breathable, jacket then the Tourmaster Transition 3 Jacket might be the answer. Made with very durable polyester/carbolex and strategically positioned CE rated armor in the elbows, shoulders & back, you will get the protection you’re looking for in a mens motorcycle jacket. Sporting plenty of comfort components such as a removable, insulated liner, adjustment tabs at the biceps, forearms, waist, cuffs & hips, a great ventilation system and several pockets, the Tourmaster Transition 3 Jacket has great all season versatility, which will keep you dry, warm & secure while out riding.



The Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Box Saddlebags and the Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Slant Saddlebags are a great choice to add to your motorcycle gear collection. Giving you two style options, both constructed of heavy duty, weather resistant nylon, you can choose which matches your bikes personality. With an adjustable mounting yoke and a zipper removable system, they are easy to install and to take off you bike when you need to. Hinged lids give you easy access to the inside and outer pockets give you extra storage. So if you’re looking for some great motorcycle luggage then check out these two options by Tourmaster

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