Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face” Mens Collection by River Road

Are you a self proclaimed “Deadhead” who still relishes in the music? Then check out the new Grateful Dead Collection of Leather Jackets, Leather Vests, Leather Chaps and Helmets by River Road. Featuring authentic Grateful Dead logos and emblems, this motorcycle gear is as unique as the legendary band itself.



The “Steal Your Face” logo, from the 1976 album of the same name, was originally designed by Owsley “Bear” Stanley, the sound engineer for the Dead, so he could mark their equipment. Who would of guessed that the red, white and blue skull with a lightning bolt through it, would become such an iconic symbol known around the world.




Sporting this iconic artwork, the River Road Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Leather Jacket is constructed of premium leather for abrasion resistance, with removable/upgradable armor in the shoulders, elbows & back for additional protection just in case you happen to take a slide down the asphalt. With a great ventilation system for warmer days, a removable quilted liner for cooler days and an adjustable waist you will be protected & comfortable in this cool biker jacket.




For extra protection and added warmth, throw on a pair of River Road Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Leather Chaps before you before you hit the road. Easy to pull on & off with stretch panels for comfort and cargo pockets for your stuff, these great leather chaps will give you peace of mind while cruising down the highway.





On those warmer days when you don’t need a jacket, grab the River Road Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Leather Vestso you can still sport the red, white & blue skull of your favorite band. With adjustable lace up sides for a precise fit, a padded kidney belt for support and plenty of pockets to stash your essentials, this high quality leather vest will be a great addition to your Grateful Dead riding gear collection.



Of course we can’t forget lids. To protect your noggin, there are three very different designed River Road Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Helmets that will give you the protection you need to keep you safe if the road unfortunately rises to greet you. River Road offers the iconic red, white & blue logo along with a blue raging storm option and a sepia vintage version. All three helmets are constructed of premium materials with adjustable vents, retention D-rings straps and are D.O.T. approved.









So if you are part of the community called the Deadheads, who still have a passion for their music, you can show your love for this unique band, while out riding, by wearing the Grateful Dead collection of motorcycle gear. Whether it’s the Steal Your Face, Skull & Roses or one of their other iconic images, you can rest assured that you will catch everyone’s attention in this great biker gear by River Road.



To get more details on all the awesome Grateful Dead items from River Road, such as the different styles and artwork, including the Womens Grateful Dead gear, visit us at today.








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