Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Boots are Stylin’ and Low-Profilin’

Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Mens Boots
Joe Rocket Velocity Boots

New from Joe Rocket for 2013:  The Joe Rocket Velocity Boots.  The Velocity V2X Boots own many characteristics of your everyday mid-top shoe.  This type of boot is geared more towards the street rider that needs some sportbike boot protection,  but nothing too bulky.  With these motorcycle boots,  you will have decent protection from abrasion for this type of ankle high construction.  Injection molded polymeric reinforcements,  replaceable toe sliders,  and an integrated injection molded heel armor will be the bulk of the safety measures.  It is obvious the ankle support will be minimal,  although,  the tradeoff will be for more comfort with easy shifting (low-pro toe box) and off the bike maneuverability.

The construction of the Joe Rocket Velocity boot is very unique.  These boots have a look that LeBron James might wear on the B-Ball court–  not recommended for the hardwood,  though.  Joe Rocket has given the Velocity V2X a low-profile toe box,  Joe Rocket Velocity V2X Shoeswhich should give you no trouble shifting gears.  I wish I had these in hand so I could let you know how they feel,  but we will have to keep you updated.  For 2013,  the Velocity V2X is joined by the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots.  Joe Rocket continues to produce nice motorcycle apparel at affordable prices.  The Joe Rocket V2X Boots retail for $139.99, which is fairly comparable to the Joe Rocket Super Street Boots that retail for $179.99.  If these are not your style,  maybe the work boot design of the Big Bang 2.0 will be more up your alley.  Check it out.  If you have any questions about anything motorcycle related,  drop us a comment.  Give us a call.  Send us an email.  Facebook us or Tweet us.  Send a letter.  We don’t mind.  We are here and willing  to help answer any of your motorcycle accessory questions.  For our full review,  click the video review below!

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