Spidi T Winter Gloves Review

There are some who put their bikes to rest in winter, and then there are others; the ‘die-hard’ riders who keep their bikes on the pavement all year long. For those of you who do ride in winter, you know that it helps to be bundled up in insulated gear; and its also a plus if the gear happens to be weatherproof.

The Spidi T Winter Gloves happen to be a both.The Spidi T Winter Gloves have been constructed with Spidi’s H2OUT membrane layer. This specialized layer makes the T Winter Gloves both waterproof and breathable. For protection, the gloves have Powertech polyurethane knuckles, and a keramide reinforced, padded palm and finger sides. The Spidi T Winter Gloves also have a Neoprene sleeve, and 100g insulation to help keep your hands warm in cold riding conditions. For more information about the Spidi T Winter Gloves, Spidi gear, and other winter riding gloves options, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

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