Speed and Strength 2013 Helmet Graphics

For those of you who are already fans of the Speed & Strength brand, you know that they produce riding gear that not only provides high-end protection at an affordable price, but you’ll also be sure to stand out from any other rider; thanks to their killer, eye-catching graphics. For 2013, Speed and Strength has relased their line of all new helmet graphics. Whether you’re looking for a full face, modular, shorty-style, or dual-sport model, this helmet line up has something for everyone. So, if you’re rider that has an appreciation for gear with edgy, unique, graphics and quality construction, take a look at these new Speed & Strength helmets! Find your favorite, and hit the road in style!



The SS2500 is a dual-sport helmet design that has a Tri-composite Fiberglass Shell. The SS2500 meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards.

-Speed and Strength SS2500 The Lunatic Fringe
-Speed and Strength SS2500 Hell N’ Back
-Speed and Strength SS2500 Solid Speed




The SS2000 has the “H.P.F.” High Perfomance Fiberglass Composite Shell. The SS2000 has been SNELL M2010 Approved and meets or exceeds D.O.T. Standards.

-Speed and Strength SS2000 Twist of Fate




The SS2200 is an open face helmet design with a removable chin bar system. The helmet has a tricomposite fiberglass shell, and either meets/ exceeds D.O.T. and ECE 22-05 Standards.

-Speed and Strength SS2200 Spin Doctor
-Speed and Strength SS2200 Solid Speed









The SS1700 is a modular helmet, with S&S’s “A.T.P.A.” Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell. The helmet either meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 Standards.

-Speed and Strength SS1700 Lock and Load- Open View
-Speed and Strength SS1700 Lock and Load





-Speed and Strength SS1700 Solid Speed

SS1500 DVD


The SS1500 DVD is a full face helmet made with Speed and Strength’s ‘Drop Visor’ design. This helmet has also been constructed with an Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy shell (A.T.P.A.)

-Speed and Strength SS1500 DVD Seven Sins
-Speed and Strength SS1500 DVD Hard Knock Life









-Speed and Strength SS1500 DVD Off the Chain


-Speed and Strength SS1500 DVD Solid Speed
-Speed and Strength SS1500 DVD Six Speed Sisters




The SS1300 has been incorporated with Speed and Strength’s ‘Airstrike’ Direct Course Ventilation System for optimum airflow. This helmet meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards.

-Speed and Strength SS1300 Under the Radar 2.0
-Speed and Strength SS1300 Rage With the Machine









-Speed and Strength SS1300 Live by the Sword


-Speed and Strength SS1300 Solid Speed
-Speed and Strength SS1300 Wicked Garden



The SS1100 has a full-face design, with an Advanced Thermo-poly alloy shell. Its ‘Cool Core’ lining is removable, washable, and moisture wicking; to help keep your helmet fresh longer.


-Speed and Strength SS1100 Flower Power
-Speed and Strength SS1100 Moto Mercenary





-Speed and Strength SS1100 62 Motorsports
-Speed and Strength SS1100 Stars & Stripes
-Speed and Strength SS1100 Solid Speed



The SS1000 has aggressive front intake vents, as well as a prominent rear spoiler; all of which is a part of Speed and Strength’s ‘Airstrike’ Direct Course Ventilation System. The interior is removable, washable, and moisture wicking.


-Speed and Strength SS1000 Run with the Bulls
-Speed and Strength SS1000 Bikes Are in My Blood









-Speed and Strength SS1000 The Power & The Glory
-Speed and Strength SS1000 Cat Out’a Hell











The SS700 has a durable, Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell; as well as an anti-scratch and UV resistant face shield.

-Speed and Strength SS700 Trial by Fire
-Speed and Strength SS700 Top Dead Center









-Speed and Strength SS700 Go For Broke


-Speed and Strength SS700 Solid Speed
-Speed and Strength SS700 To the Nines



The SS600 is an open face helmet, with an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene shell (A.B.S. for short). This helmet meets or exceeds DOT standards, and has a custom quilted comfort lining.

-Speed and Strength SS600 Speed Shop
-Speed and Stength SS600 Back in Black



This SS500 DVD helmet has a ‘shorty-style’ design, with a drop-down-visor. It has an Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell, and meets/exceeds DOT standards. Shorty visor is included.

-Speed and Strength SS500 DVD Motolisa
-Speed and Strength SS500 DVD Tough As Nails


The SS400 DVD has a drop-down-visor design, with an ear protector and rigid back included. A dark smoke shield is also included.

-Speed and Strength SS400 DVD Solid Speed
-Speed and Strength SS400 DVD Hard Knock Life






The SS300 is a shorty-style design with a 3 snap shorty visor. Ear protector and rigid back are includuded.

-Speed and Strength SS300 Moto Mercenary


The SS200 has a simple shorty-style design. The SS200 meets or exceeds DOT standards, and has been constructed with an advanced thermo-poly alloy shell.


-Speed and Strength SS200 Solid Speed.

For more information about these Speed & Strength helmets, or to check out our broad selection of motorcycle helmet brands and models, visit our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!



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