River Road Womens Dame Leather Jacket Review


Just because you’re a biker chick doesn’t mean you don’t like to look good while riding. Well we have a truly functional leather motorcycle jacket for you…the River Road Womens Dame Leather Jacket. Forget about that basic black leather that was made for guys, we have a true womens motorcycle jacket that will fit all your needs.



Super cool with it’s old school racing stripes and super comfortable due to the broken in vintage finish, you will be the envy of all the other ladies on the road. The River Road Womens Dame Leather Jacket has been designed to not only look fashionable but to keep you cozy in warm or cool weather, with a fully sleeved, removable, insulated liner and multiple vents. Of course you’ll get the abrasion resistance you need, due to the medium weight leather construction and there’s also several pockets to take all those “must have’s” with you.




So here it is ladies….a fashionable, womens leather motorcycle jacket, with detailed raw seams/stitching and antiqued brass hardware that’s a throwback to those old school days. And if you like this type of vintage leather jacket or want to look at more great womens motorcycle gear, go to CompAcc.com today.



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