Fly 357 Half Helmet Review

Fly 357 Half Helmet Solids

Fly Racing has just released an all-new shorty helmet design. The Fly 357 Half Helmet is a compact, half shell design, with some great convenience features. The shell of the Fly 357 Helmet is made from a thermo-plastic poly alloy shell; and is aerodynamic as well as DOT approved. For those sunny rides, this Fly helmet comes with a hard-coated tint sun shield, that can retract into the helmet when not in use. The sun shield can also be swapped out for an optional clear shield. The interior of the helmet has been lined with a removable, washable comfort liner. For those who like the simplistic protection of a shorty helmet, but still want a few extra features, the Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet is for you. The Fly 357 Helmet is available in solid colors, and in Fly’s ‘Flame’ graphic. You can check out the Fly 357 Helmet, Fly Racing gear, and other shorty motorcycle helmet options check out our website:!

Fly Racing 357 Helmet Flame Graphic

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