1986 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Review by Scott Naylor


My ride is a 1986 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.  I purchased my bike about 17 months ago from some friends who no longer had time to ride due to having two small children.  Though I had always wanted a Harley someday we were absolutely NOT looking to buy a bike.  We happened to see that one of our friends had posted a link to a Craigslist ad on Facebook, showing that they were selling their Harley!!  A little e-mailing and texting back and forth and the deal was made!!  It worked out well for us AND them and we got a great deal on a classic motorcycle.

Best part of the deal was that, ever since I first took an interest in motorcycles many years ago, this was my absolute favorite model motorcycle.  I have always loved the look…the whitewalls, the red and antique cream paint job!  Being a career firefighter the color scheme was VERY appealing to me for that reason as well!

Since I’ve had it I’ve had a few good months and many not-so-good months.  The bike was very well taken care of for the many years it’s been in existence but a LOT had been neglected as well!  I’ve had numerous electrical components replaced, changed out the carb. twice, ignition switch, voltage reg., VOES, all replaced.  The inside of the fuel tank has been stripped and resealed and is peeling all over again.  The bike has been in the shop for the past several months now and is being completely re-wired after having the charging system replaced.  Being that it’s the colder time of year here in Chicago, the mechanic is working on it a little at a time between his other projects.  I CANNOT WAIT to have it up and running in tip-top shape come spring!!

My favorite thing to do on my bike at this point is commuting to and from the firehouse…which I’ve been able to do on many shift days while the bike was in decent running order.  I LOVE firing it up early in the morning when the air is cool and it’s so peacefully quiet in the neighborhood, and then taking my nice 12 mile ride into work!  My wife and I have four children, six and under, so it’s hard to really go out on any type of longer rides as of yet.

My kids LOVE the bike and cannot wait until they’re older and a little bit bigger so they can ride with me more than just around the neighborhood!  The two oldest have been out with me for VERY short rides and they just had SO much fun!

To wrap up here, I look forward to bringing my bike back home in a couple of months if not sooner.  I’m really hoping to have my bike in excellent operating order for a WHOLE riding season…can’t wait to get back out and feel the wind rushing past me!  I look forward to many exciting years with my Heritage Softail Classic!!

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